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Magento 2 Theme Optimized

Magento 2 Theme Optimized is a top-notch theme for Magento 2 that offers you stunning website speed, flexible website design, and all-around SEO optimization. It helps you to get into the Google Page Speed green zone and improve your website ranking. 

Magento Theme Optimized has everything you need to get your store up and running with little to no configuration.

  • 5 pre-made color schemas
  • Rocket fast Magento Theme
  • Compliance with Magento code standards
  • Compatibility with the 10+ premium Magefan extensions
  • Compatibility with the Magento Open Source & Commerce
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Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7-p1 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
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Magento 2 Theme Optimized

Bring together rocket-fast performance and stunning design

Around 94% of first impressions of websites are design-related while about 46% of shoppers won’t revisit poorly performing websites. That's why website design and performance are key factors that drive conversions.


Unfortunately, ready-made Magento themes rarely satisfy the need of both leaving you in constant optimization mode.
Our Magento 2 Theme Optimized was created with the idea of a rocket-fast storefront with flexible design settings. It comes with a multitude of functional improvements and built-in Magefan extensions to ensure a seamless customer experience and flawless performance.


Why Magefan Theme for Magento?


Better website performance

Optimized Magento theme goes with the built-in speed improvements like optimized product gallery, breadcrumbs, mini cart JS loading, WebP images, lazy load, and others. We’ve implemented the best speed optimization practices to ensure ultimate performance.

Flexible design settings

You have full control over the design of your website. You can customize the colors of each theme element or easily switch between the presets we’ve made for you. Customize the feel and look of your Magento 2 store without affecting performance.

Ready-to-use optimized theme

Fast loading and attractive design alone won’t yield the expected results. That’s why we’ve equipped this new-age Magento 2 theme will all of the vital extensions to help you improve SEO, checkout experience, navigation, indexing, content, and marketing of your store.

Get Hassle-free Speed Optimization


Endless ReCaptcha, fonts, product gallery, template, image, and mini cart JS loading is in the past. Unlike other Magento 2 themes that only promise to provide seamless performance, Magefan Optimized Theme really works.
We’ve optimized every little thing flagged red on Google Speed Insights. So, you don’t have to worry about speed optimization once you install this super fast theme for Magento stores.

Magento 2 Theme
Optimized Magento 2 Theme

Take Customer Experience to the Next Level

The best customer experience is always tailored to the website speed and user-friendly interface. This Magento 2 theme has it all. We offer you a variety of built-in optimizations that not only help you get into the green zone but satisfy customers with a “clean” intuitive and attractive design.
Additionally, we’ve integrated several Magento 2 extensions to help you build a special relationship with your customers.

Customize Your Store Design

Can’t decide what colour scheme to choose for your store? You don’t have to choose if you can have them all in one place. Magefan Magento 2 theme Optimized is completely customizable. You can choose any from the ready-made presets or develop your own style with an extensive colour palette.
Make anything from buttons and input placeholders to link and navigation bar colours fit your brand.

Magento Theme Color Schema
Magento 2 SEO Theme

Use Magento 2 SEO Theme that Really Works


While trying to improve website design, many Magento theme developers overlook a vital conversion-generating factor 一 SEO.
Our Optimized Magento 2 SEO theme comes with the Ultimate SEO Suite to help you cover every vital SEO aspect:

  • - rich snippets
  • - canonical tags
  • - meta robots
  • - meta tags templates
  • - keyword optimization
  • - redirects
  • - hreflang tags
  • - OG tags
  • - Twitter cards
  • - cross-links
  • - and many other features

Ensure a Seamless Checkout Experience

To eliminate cart abandonment and ensure each order is finalized, you have to make your checkout not only fast but easy and clear. We offer your easy two-step checkout with attractive payment method icons, straightforward forms, and easy navigation.
Streamline the checkout process and deliver the best experience with the Magento Theme Optimized.

Custom Checkout Magento 2
Magento 2 Product Tabs

Optimize Product Pages

How you organize information on product pages often influences customer purchasing decisions. Including plenty of information just makes the page cluttered and complicated for customers.
We offer to organize product page details in tabs to ensure customers can find the information they need easier. Additionally, you can tailor the displayed information per each customer, group, product, or category.

Generate More Sales with Automatic Related Products

Imagine having a theme that not only improves the storefront experience but automates Magento processes. With the Optimized Magento theme, you can forget about manual-related product management.
Improve sales by setting up multiple related product rules for product categories and CMS pages. Attractive product blocks are added, updated, and removed automatically.

Magento 2 Related Products
WebP Images in Magento 2

Use Next-Gen Image Format

To stay ahead of the competition you have to keep up with the latest trends and follow the best practices. Google recommends you use the modern Webp file format accepted and supported by a variety of browsers.
Since WebP contributes to faster website performance due to compressed image file size we couldn’t but integrate this latest feature in this free Magento 2 Theme.

Improve Navigation and Indexing

The best results could be achieved only if you pay attention to all ranking factors including navigation and indexing. We ensure your website will be indexed and ranked fast since we have implemented the HTML and XML sitemaps.
They provide both customers and search robots more easy navigation through your website pages. The first ones could find relevant pages faster and the latter discover new pages and rank them accordingly.

Magento 2 HTML Sitemap
Magento 2 Blog

Benefit from SEO-optimized Blog

Once your Magento 2 store is optimized for better performance and SEO, the last thing you need is to expose it to a wider audience.
Magento 2 Theme Optimized comes with an integrated Blog solution. It will help you attract more traffic to your store, rank for more keywords, develop a community around your brand and promote more of your products and services.

Personalize Your Offer

To increase sales you have to offer a personalized experience to each customer group. With the integrated CMS Display Rules extension you’ll be able to target the right people with the right offers.
Promote personalized discounts, create customer groups-based programs, and tailor your offer to customers' unique needs.

Magento 2 CMS Display Rule
Translate Magento

Translate Your Product into Multiple Languages

If you decide to create a multi-language store you won’t have any issues translating buttons, labels, or entire product pages. Magefan Optimized Theme for Magento 2 comes with a ready-to-use Translation tool that works from the admin panel.
You don’t have to dig deep into the code to add new translations. We gather every translation-ready text in one place. All you need is to add the translation to any language you like.

Offer Outstanding Experience on All Devices

Apart from being super fast, SEO-optimized and extension-rich, the Magefan fast Magento 2 Theme is fully responsive. You can now offer seamless shopping across all devices.
Mobile, tablet or desktop 一 be sure going through each step of the customer’s journey will be a pleasure.

Responsive Magento 2 Theme
Magento Theme

Save on Magento Theme Development

Buying a pricey Magento theme only to get stuck in a continuous optimization loop is not the best outcome. This theme is equipped with everything you need for a fast, SEO-optimized, and attractive website.
This free Magento Theme will get you into the GooglePageSpeed Insights green zone cost-free.

Your fast-loading store is our success

Be one step ahead of your competitors and impress customers with rocket-fast performance

Magefan Optimized Theme Highlights


Optimized bulky elements

We optimized the loading of the product gallery, breadcrumbs, ReCaptcha, fonts, mini cart templates, and javascript

90+ GPS scores

Getting into Google Page Speed Insights green zone is real. Optimized Theme covers each of the vital speed points and Web Core Vitals

Super fast Magento loading

Optimized Magento theme follows the best speed optimization practices and trends to ensure ultimate loading
Color Schema

5 Color presets

Change your website design in a few clicks with 5 ready-made colour presets or custom colour schema

10+ fully compatible extensions

WebP images, SEO Suite, Automatic Related Products, Blog, Better Checkout, and other vital extensions contribute to the success of your store

Extensive documentation

You can tweak each theme element to fit your brand colours and configure each extension to work towards your business goals

What is Magento theme?

The Magento theme is a component of the Magento application that helps you develop a consistent design of the entire application by using a combination of layouts, templates, styles, and images.

What is the difference between the default Magento theme and Magefan Optimized Theme?

Magefan Optimized theme for Magento 2 is a huge step away from default Magento Blank or Luma themes. It goes with a number of built-in improvements that helps you maintain the fast loading and consistent design of your store.

What speed optimization has been done in this Optimized Theme?

We optimized all of the things that could delay the loading of your website, like breadcrumbs, product gallery, ReCaptcha, mini cart templates and javascript, and fonts. Besides, we’ve implemented lazy loading and Webp image format to ensure fast image loading.

Can I reach 80+ speed score with this theme?

Yes, you can easily reach the green zone in the speed testing tools due to the optimization we’ve done and extensions implemented.

How can I install an Optimized Theme for Magento 2?

All you need to install Magefan Optimized Theme is to follow the installation guide and apply the theme in Content > Configuration > Design.

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This theme is very fast, in comparison to other themes. It needed some work to customize, so we made a child theme for it. Not much documentation for the customizations, other than the colors. Support was very quick and helpful, so that was great!

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