Creating Magento 2 user roles is the security action you should take before adding any users to your store. It helps you define the level of permissions some users will be granted with in order to restrict their access to some of the Magento 2 admin panel sections.

In order to create a user role in Magento 2 take the following steps:

1. Navigate to Admin Panel >  System> >  Permissions >  User Roles.

Magento 2 User Role

After that, you see the list of current user roles which you can edit.

2. Add a new user role by pressing the Add New Role button.

Magento 2 Roles,Add New Role

3. Fill in the Role Information.

  • Set a name of the user role in the Role Name field.
  • In the Your Password field, you specify the current password of a user you are logged in under. It was created for your security, thus you can add/edit role right after you confirm your password.

Magento2 New Role,Role Information

4. Move to the Role Resources tab and choose the Resources admin user will have access to.

  • Choose 'All' in Resource Access if you want this user to have access to all pages and capabilities of the admin panel.
  • Choose 'Custom' in this Resource Access field in order to be able to select interfaces to which you want to provide access.

Magento 2 Roles,Role Resourses

Once you have finished don't forget to press the Save Role button.

Magento 2 New Role,Save Role

When the new user role is created you can set it to the admin user.