2022 at Magefan [Yearly Timeline]

2022 is almost over. Honestly, it wasn't an easy year for us, all Ukrainians. However, we are still grateful for it, for the opportunity to live and do what we love here in Ukraine. That’s why we’d like to share the short timeline of events and accomplishments at Magefan during 2022.



The first month was a great start, full of countless ideas and plans for the year. We also prepared for switching to a different pricing model - where we kept the one-time payment model and continued to provide access to all new releases and free support for 365 days. 



We were working on new releases and clients' projects the whole month till the 24th of February. Every Ukrainian will remember this dark day as the worst day in their lives when russia attacked our beloved country with missiles and tanks. For the next few days of that month, all our team members were out of the office moving to safe places with their loved ones and waiting for the unknown brought by this horrible war. And some of us have even been out of the office for the next 5-8 months, still working.

2022 Magefan Timeline


Despite everything we got back to work (yeah, it was terribly hard to keep working) and released our first edition of Magento 2 SEO Suite. and which became our bestseller in 2022. And not surprisingly! It includes the best modules for your website that help to get top-ranked on Google. Just have look modules in this bundle: SEO, Rich Snippets, HTML and XML Sitemaps,  Hreflang Tags,  Open Graph, and Twitter Cards. Lots of great ideas were implemented in this Suite and we’re still adding new features.



Working harder than ever we released another new great product - Automated Related Products. This module has 2 editions – free and paid, both having lots of must-have-in- Magento-2-store features you definitely need. 

We also launched our SEO service that aims at moving your website's SEO performance to the next level and driving more traffic organically.



We reopened our office in Ternopil and got back to our 9.00 am - 6:00 pm schedule as it was before the war. “Nothing special” one may say, but for us, it was very important to see each other in person, despite all the air raid sirens and horrific news.

We released many new features in our popular modules like WebP images - our best-seller module for improving page speed and Better Order Grid - for optimizing order management and other modules’ updates.



These summer months were full of interesting and challenging work, and hours of working in our office bomb shelter due to missile attacks. So, the results were impressive - 3 new extensions and 20+ module updates.  Interested? Here they are Edit Order extension for quick order editing,  Magento 2 POS system - for offline stores, and Magento 2 XML Sitemap Extension as an addition to our SEO Suite. 

Another great promo we had was a giveaway of our Magento 2 extensions on Ukraine’s Independence Day.  72 of our customers who answered 9 questions about Ukraine correctly got any extension of their choice priced up to $199 for free.



This autumn will be remembered by the power terror against Ukrainians. The terrorist state, russia, attacked many of our cities across the whole country with missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles again, killing numerous peaceful citizens.

This time russia began to attack our power stations destroying 30% of Ukraine's power capability and leading to massive blackouts. Nonetheless, Ukrainians wouldn't give up that easily. After these attacks, most of our households, big and small businesses, bought electric generators to light up homes and offices, and Starlinks to stay connected to the world. And Magefan is not an exception here -  we have an electric generator and Starlink to ensure no outages stop work and development. We strive to provide the best quality, support and services in any circumstances we are put in. 

So, regardless of these events, this autumn was also full of product updates  - 22 of them were released. Rich Snippets extension with a new FAQ snippet feature was among the most significant updates you can find. Also, the CMS Display Rules extension which is a great tool for digital marketing. This module was updated with new features to ensure better content personalization.



The winter has started with the announcement of our official partnership with Hyva Theme. You might be excited to know, that all the most popular Magefan extensions are fully compatible with Hyva now. We continue to work and have lots of plans and ideas to surprise you in the upcoming year.


To sum up this year, we would like to quote Friedrich Nietzsche — 'That which does not kill us makes us stronger.'

And so it makes the Magefan team. We are strong and motivated more than ever to produce more ideas and new products to offer you in any conditions this war and life brings us. 

Thank you for inspiring and supporting us this year! There is much more interesting awaiting you ahead.


The Magefan Team 

(Ihor, Yuriy, Andriy, Bohdan, Bohdan, Ihor, Serhiy, Viktor, Denys, Mary, Viktoria, Elena)