As you may know, many Magento extension vendors switched to the Subscription Model in 2022.

At Magefan we keep the one-time payment model but changed the terms of access to the new releases.

Starting from February 1, 2022 all our extensions will go with 365-day access to the new product releases and lifetime access to the source code. Additionally, we extended the free support service period from 90 to 365 days.

All customers who placed their orders before February 1, 2022 continue to receive FREE lifetime updates (free access to new releases), as it has been signed by each customer in our Terms of Service during the order placement.

As we have stated previously – Magefan keeps promises.


These are the common questions you might be interested in. 

What about Pricing?

The product price remains the same.

How much should I pay to renew access to the new versions after 1 year?

You will need to pay 50% of the product price whenever you decide to go with the newest version after 1 year. This payment also allows you to have access to all of the versions released within this next year.

I have many licenses of one Magefan extension. Should I pay 50% of the product price for the renewal of each of them?

No. If you already have 2 and more licenses of the same Magefan extension – you don’t need to pay 50% of the product price for each of them. You can only pay for one, and support and release access will be renewed automatically for all of them.

Can I get renewed access to the new extension versions after 1 year for FREE?

Yes, once you buy one additional license of the extension, the support service and access to the new releases for all your current licenses of this extension are extended automatically for free.

I placed my order BEFORE February 1, 2022, and my support service period has expired, how to renew it?

As a customer with an order placed before February 1, 2022, you will receive FREE lifetime updates (free access to new releases) but the support period will expire according to its expiration date selected during the purchase. To renew your support period you need to order a support plan.


If none of these questions covers your request, feel free to contact us or reach us out via live chat.