In case you already have a Facebook App and want it to use "manage_pages" and "publish_pages" permissions you will learn how to enable them in this article.

These permissions are needed for Facebook App to be able to publish posts on your Facebook Page. Once it is in the developer mode you can make any publications on the Facebook page through the Facebook App without these permissions. 

However, being published while in the developer mode posts aren't seen to anyone except for the page administrators and Facebook App developers. That is because Facebook needs to confirm the manage_pages and publish_pages requests, to make them seen to the public.

In order to request "manage_pages" and "publish_pages" permissions take the following steps: 

1. Go to  and log in to your Facebook Account to continue working with Facebook App. 

2. Navigate to My Apps, choose the Facebook App you want to configure the permissions for and make sure your Facebook App is switched to the Live Mode.

  Facebook API

3. Find App Review section on the left-side menu and go to Permissions and Features.

  Facebook API review

4. Find manage_pages, publish_pages in the list of Permissions and press the Request buttons on the right as on the picture below.

Facebook app id permissions

5. Once you have requested for the permissions you have to Continue  with the request submission.

Facebook permissions and features

The Request Submission in a process of a few steps without completing which the submission is not permitted.

  Facebook API Permission Request

Scrolling down there is a Complete App Verification section to fill in which you have to press the (). In the App Verification Details, you confirm whether the reviewer will be able to access your App to verify the permissions accordance to Facebook Platform Policy.

Facebook complete app verification

In case you are using Facebook App for automatic publication of your posts on Facebook from your Magento, Joomla or WordPress we recommend you not allow the reviewer access to your App. Here you also have to specify the reason for the access denial and provide some additional details.

Example: The Facebook App is used in the Admin Panel of our website. The access to the admin panel is restricted since there is some private and commercial information gathered such as customers', orders, other business-related data which we have no right to share with other parties for commercial and privacy Policy Rules.

Facebook App ID verification details

If you decide to allow access to your App then you are asked to provide spet-by-step instructions on how you are using the requested features and permissions. Mark that the process of Review Submission is much more time-consuming and demanding in this case in this case. 

After you have saved the App Verification Details scroll down, there is the Request Permissions and Features section. Press the () to fill it in.

Facebook requested permissions

Here, you have to provide a detailed description of the permissions usage and upload a step-by-step video on the permissions functioning. This form is similar to different kinds of permissions. So you have to fill the same one in for publish_pages as well.

Example: The main idea of the permissions usage is so that I managing the Magento Blog are able to publish posts from my website blog to my Facebook Page automatically while saving the post in the admin panel. The application publishes posts in the developer mode making them visible only for App developers or the Facebook Page administrators. In order to be visible to the public, posts need to be published in the Live Mode and that is when those requested permissions are needed.

Video Example:
This is the example of a video you have to upload in this section if you are using Magetno 2 Blog Extension by Magefan and want the App to be used for autopublishing your blog posts on Facebook.

Facebook App ID Permissions

There is one more section for you to fill in before the request submission: Complete App Settings. Click () to continue.

Facebook complete permissions request

To complete with the App Settings Upload the App Icon and state the Business Use of this app. We recommend you so choose the Support my own business option so that Facebook App to automatically publish post from your website. Some of the options may be filled already since they are options you are asked to set while creating the Facebook App.

Facebook app id complete settings

Once you have finished with all the sections press the Submit for Review button.

Facebook App ID permissions submission

After that, you will have to Accept the Platform Onboarding Terms and confirm the submission of the permissions request.

Facebook API permission submission

After the submission, it will take some time (approximately 5 days) for Facebook to process and confirm your request. In case your request is denied you will receive a notification with the reason for the denial. Besides, you will be able to contact the Facebook live chat on these pages to solve the issue and ask for some additional details.

You can check the status of your permissions request in the App Review > Requests section.

Facebook review requests

After your permissions request is confirmed you will be able to see your permissions in the App Review > My Permissions and Features section.

Facebook my permissions and features