In order to create a new page on Facebook navigate to Facebook Login Page. Note, that you have to be logged in to your Facebook account to create a new page.

1. Press the Create button and select Page from the flyout menu.

2. Choose what kind of page you would like to create (Business&Brand or Community&Public).

New facebook page

3. Enter the Page Name.

4. Set the Category you want your page to be added to.

5. Specify your Address and set the Phone Number which is optional.

6. Put a checkmark in the corresponding field if you don't want your address to be shown to the public and press the Continue button.

New facebook page settings

7. Set the Main and the Cover Pictures of your page in two steps. You can skip and complete them later if you like.

New facebook page picture

Once you've finished up with the settings you will be automatically guided to your newly created facebook page.

Facebook new page