Add Related Products to Shopping Cart in Magento?

Related products make your website visitors browse through your catalog longer, find relevant products or simply purchase more from you. However, many make the mistake of adding related products to Magento product pages only. It does help in case customers don't like a product they originally landed on.

But what if the related products, cross-sells or up-sells don't fit customers' demands either?

That being said, you have to make the most of your related products to maximize your sales. In today's article, you'll learn how to add related products to a shopping cart to encourage customers to buy more.

Since Magento doesn't have this feature by default, you need a robust Magento Auto Related Products Extension

It not only allows you to add related products to the shopping cart page but define the conditions under which they should be added.

To add related products to the shopping cart in Magento:

1. Navigate to Marketing > Automatic Related Products > Rules and Add New Rule

Auto Related Product Rules

2. Configure General Rule Information

  • Enable Auto-related products rule
  • Set a Name and Description
  • Define the Priority of the rule to set which rule should be applied if products fall under the conditions of several rules. 

Shopping Cart Related Products

  • Select which Customer Group should the related products on the shopping cart be visible to. 
  • Choose the Store Views where the rule should be applied. 
  • Specify Date From and Date To to define a perod during which the related products should be displayed on the shopping cart.

Store Views Configuration for Related Products

3. Choose Where/When to Display related products block. 

Here you have to define the Block Position and choose whether to display related products in the shopping cart before, after, or instead native cross-sell block. In case you want to display it instead of the native block you also need to choose the Merge Type.

Besides, you need to specify the Conditions under which the related products should be displayed.  In the case of the shopping cart page, you can set the conditions based on the shopping cart or product attributes

Where to Display Related Products Block

e.g. you might want to display related products in the shopping cart only in case the subtotal equals or is less than $50. Additionally, you want them to be displayed if products from certain categories are added to the shopping cart. 

4. Define What Products to Display in the shopping cart.

In this section, you configure what products to display in the related product block. It could be products from certain categories, with certain colors, sizes, attributes sets, and any other product attributes. 

Display Related Products in Shopping Cart

5. Skip the Display Modes section since it is available for product and category pages only. For the shopping cart, you can't enable any display modes since they define the relation of the related products with the current product page. 

Related Product Dispay Mode

6. Fill out Display Settings to arrange the products within the block.

  • Enter a Block Title.
  • Define how to Sort products By: price, name, novelty, best sellers, or randomly.
  • Choose whether to Display "Add To Cart" button. 
  • Set the Number of Products To Display

Note: don't set a number too high since it will overload the page and may cause loading issues.

  • Choose whether to Display "Out Of Stock" Products.
  • Select the Template for the product block.

Note: except for the default template, you can choose to display compare products and bundle packs.

magneto auto related products display

Once you finish filling out the conditions and other settings save the rule and go to the Related Product Rules Grid to Apply Rules

Then go to your catalog and add the products to a shopping cart, as per your conditions, to see the related products block in the shopping cart.

Related Products in Shopping Cart

Once customers check their shopping cart they will be able to opt for some other options too.

There are multiple methods you can use to make the most of your products and improve conversion rates. However, auto-related products are one of the most beneficial, especially if you're using Magento 2 Auto Related Products Plus