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There were Magento 2.3.5 compatibility changes added to the Magento 2 Blog extension and updated WYSIWYG advanced editor. In order to prevent potential conflicts, there was added a notification notice about the other blog extensions enabled on your website. 

From now on, the blog comments publication date is displayed based on the store timezone. Moreover, comment count update bug is now fixed so once any comment is deleted the comment count will be updated correspondingly. The error appearing on the blog search is now fixed as well.  You will also be able to add the category _id parameter in the Blog RSS Feed URL in order to include articles only from the specific categories.

There were made Blog GraphQL Improvements and updated YouTube widget for Blog Extra edition.

Magento 2 WebP Images extension that converts your images from the out-dated .png and .jpg formats to .webp now can also convert images for custom Ajax HTML requests.

WebP Images module is now compatible with the MagicToolbox MagicZoomPlus extension, Magento Swatch Images, and any image lazy load extension.

Gathering more customer data without forcing anyone to register is easy with Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension which allows you to convert guests to customers manually and automatically, assigning all old guest orders to customers and add converted customers to a certain customer group.

Now, the process of converting guest orders to the customers is even more effective since we fixed the issue with the "Automatically Convert Guest To Customer" that appeared when the order was placed via PayPal.


Using videos on your store is one of the ways to improve your user experience. However, having a video on a page can influence its loading speed and website performance in general. And that is why you need to use the Magento 2 YouTube Widget extension which uses lazy loading.

In the latest 2.0.6 version of this module, we made JS loading improvements to make it even faster. 


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