Magento Customer Group Restrictions for Better Experience

Customer segmentation helps merchants and marketers discover behaviour patterns, improve shopping experience and cater to customers' unique needs. However, once you create customer groups in Magento, you might discover that restricting certain content from different customer groups benefits as well. 

Thus, in this guide, you'll learn about Magento 2 customer restrictions and how to impose them on different sections of your store. This allows you to take customer experience to an entirely new level and improve sales correspondingly. 

Should we start?

Restrictions for CMS Pages and Blocks

Different customers have different needs. To cover all of them, you need to provide personalized content, which is realised through CMS blocks and pages in Magento. 

Thus, if you use certain pages or blocks to promote loyalty programs, share some news or for any other purpose, you can restrict them for different customer groups. 

For that, you need to create CMS display rules and specify what customer groups should a page or block be visible to.

Magento 2 CMS block customer group

An example of the customer group restrictions for a CMS block

Besides, you can also define what block or page to display instead of the one you have restricted access to. 

Magento 2 Display another CMS block

A setting that allows displaying a different block to a customer group current block is restricted for

This way each customer group sees content aimed at their group specifically. 

Due to the different purchasing histories and abilities of each customer, you can't offer everyone the same thing. Thus offering the same related products might not yield the expected results. You need to be smart about it and make a more personalized offer. 

At the same time, you need to make sure this personalization comes easily for you (considering you have to assign related products manually in Magento). 

The solution is auto-related product rules which you can set up for each customer group. 

New Auto Related Products Rules

General information of the related product rule (with customer group restrictions option)

Display cross-sells in the shopping cart for impulsive buyers and offer Who Viewed This Also Viewed That blocks for general customers. You can even go as far as showing up-sells with higher prices for wholesalers who are already willing to buy more from you. 

How to Display Related Products on Product Page

Related product rule display mode for displaying products with higher prices

Opportunities are limitless, as long as you use the Magento 2 customer group restrictions properly.

Restrictions for Product Tabs

Product tabs might seem like an insignificant element of the product pages. Nonetheless, they help you organize page content and make sure all important information is available within the viewport.

So, why not use that to create customer group restrictions in Magento based on the shared content? 

Product Tab Content Magento

An example of the custom product tab content in Magento

Add custom product tabs for each customer group and answer questions each customer may have.

Custom Product Tabs Display Rules Magento

Custom product tabs display settings (include visibility for custom groups)

Offer membership discounts for wholesales and share the refund policy with the general group. Tick all the important checkboxes in the purchasing decision list and you'll get yourself a new customer. Especially if you reply to the specific questions one might have.

Restrictions for Blog

Similar to CMS pages and blocks, you can communicate different messages and share announcements in your blog. However, to make it as user-friendly as possible, you can restrict the blog posts per customer groups.

Then, based on the products you sell, you can post product user guides for every customer or share unique insights for each group. 

Magento 2 Blog Post Display Settings

Customer group restrictions for blog posts in Magento

Simply choose what customer group to display a blog post you've created. The post will be visible to only the specified group. 

Restrictions for Prices

As you might know, Magento offers a customer group pricing feature. So, the next customer group restriction you can impose in Magento is a price restriction.

Magento 2 Customer Group Price

Wholesales usually buy more so you can offer them a higher discount based on quantity and keep a regular price for the general group. 

Restrictions for Discounts

While sales campaigns are the most active during the sales seasons, there are still some ongoing discounts you offer. In Magento, you can offer these through the catalog and cart price rules. Both, as you've already guessed, you can set up for each customer group. 

magento 2 cart price rules

Customer group setting in the cart price rule (same for catalog price rules)

However, pay attention to the way discounts are displayed here. Catalog price rules are visible for different customer groups directly in the catalogue. At the same time, cart price rules are applied at the shopping cart and checkout stage. 

Restrictions for Free Shipping

Last but not least Magento 2 customer group restriction on our list is free shipping. When you set up free shipping, you usually don't offer it to everyone. Thus, you can also restrict customers to the option of free shipping through cart price rules. 

Enable it for matching items only, certain categories, products and definitely the customer groups. 

setting up magento free shipping rule

Restrictions for Admin Users

 You shouldn't forget about the admin users as well while you set up customer group restrictions in your store. To ensure a safe environment and secure the admin data you also need to restrict admin users' access to different sections through user roles.

As you can see Magento offers multiple ways to provide personalized experiences to your customers. So once you segment your customers, make sure to use the customer group restrictions properly.