One of the many useful Magento 2 features is Magento 2 customer groups. It allows you to divide your customers into groups and target them with more personalized content and offers. You can set up customer group discounts, share targeted information and define custom rules for them.

Customer group in Magento 2 is an important aspect you shouldn't neglect. Except for all we've already mentioned, it helps you to increase the productivity of your store and improve the shopping experience. Taken you know how to manage customer groups properly.

In this article, you will learn how to create customer group in Magento 2, and how to use this functionality in your store to the fullest.

Create Customer Group in Magento 2

1. Navigate to Customers > Customer Groups and press the Add New Customer Group button. 

Magento 2 Customer Groups

2. Set customer Group Name.

3. Choose the Tax Class customers in this customer group will belong to. The tax amount will be calculated based on the customer, product class and tax rules.

Note: you can learn how to create customer tax classes in the Magento tax configuration.

Magento 2 New Customer Group

4. Don't forget to Save the new Customer Group.

Assign Customer to Magento Customer Group

After customer groups are created, you can proceed with adding them to customers. Magento 2 allows you to do it either from Grid or Edit Page.

Assign Customer from Grid

1. Go to Customers > All Customers and choose the customer you'd like to assign the customer group to.

2. Select the Assign a Customer Group option in the Actions dropdown and choose the customer group you want to assign a customer to.

Magento 2 Assign to Customer Group

3. Confirm you want to assign a selected customer to a customer group.

Magento 2 Assign Customer to Customer Group

Now a customer you selected should be assigned to the customer group. However, there is one more place to do this from.

Assign Customer from Customer Edit Page

1. Navigate to Customers > All Customers, select a customer you'd like to assign to the customer group and press the Edit button.

2. Go to the customer Account Information section and choose the customer group you want customers to be assigned to from the Group dropdown.

Magento 2 Customer Page

3. Press the Save Customer button.

How to Use Customer Groups in Magento 2?

As mentioned before, to get the most out of your Magento 2 store you have to target the right audience with the right messages and offers. So, segmenting your customers into customer groups is the first step to go.

In Magento 2 there are a lot of ways for you to use the customer groups feature. Let's find out what exactly.

1. Customer Group Price Rules

Tier Price in Magento 2 is the feature that allows you to set up customer group discounts based on the number of products purchased. It encourages customers to purchase more to get a discount.

Tier Price in Magento 2

2. CMS Block Display Restrictions

To offer a discount or to share some important information with your customers you usually use CMS blocks. But not all offers will be as tempting for one group of customers as they are for another.

So, you can configure the CMS blocks and pages' display rules and define what customer group they will be visible for.

Magento 2 CMS block customer group

3. Cart Price Rules

Cart price rules are used in Magento 2 so that you can offer your customers discounts based on certain conditions. One of the options you select while creating the cart price rule is Customer Group.

Even if some customers fall under the conditions of the cart price rule, they can not receive the discount since it is created only for a certain Magento 2 customer group.

Cart Price Rules in Magento 2

And that is not the end of the list. Magento 2 customer groups are used for a lot of other custom rules and extensions to provide a better customer experience with personalized offers.