It is not a secret that driving more traffic to one’s website is the goal of every marketing strategy. There are so many websites out there selling some excellent stuff. Furthermore, there is a great number of appearing new ones. That is why it is hard to withstand the extensive competition. That's what makes marketers constantly search for some new ways of promotion to get more traffic to their websites.

Actually, this is what they are there for, don't you agree?

Magento 2 traffic

To be honest, it is pretty hard to differentiate and single out some best ways to drive more traffic to one’s website since it majorly depends on the kind of business the niche belongs to.

However, there are some basic and the most proving methods that will cost you just your time and determination to make your website noticeable and recognizable.

Want to know what are those ways and how to apply them to your business? Better keep reading.

So, as it was already said there are plenty of ways to generate more customers. However, in this post, we are going to discuss the most basic and FREE of them.

Best tips on how to drive more traffic to your website:

1. Focus on the Content

Magento 2 content

Content is King.

Blogging has now become a separate branch of business and people are making pretty good money on it. So one of the best ways to make your store visible and get more traffic to your website is to manage a blog which is the main source of the traffic to the website.

Managing the blog you not only gain authority and prove your credibility to the readers, but make your website visible to Google.

Now, it is the question of where to find the best blog extension having all the exclusive features?

Luckily, there is a Magento 2 Blog extension for those for you who are the users of the Magento platform. Its main peculiarity is that it allows you to manage the blog and store from one place not having to rely on some second platform. You could really make some good of it though.

2. Website Navigation Improvement

Magento 2 website navigation

There is no way you will generate more traffic to your website if users having read an article on your blog go back to the Google search form to look for some other relevant info.

What should you do then?

Provide in internal links in the form of a next& previous blog posts or related posts and products.

In order to reach the goal you set for yourself you just have to think like your potential customers. Wouldn't you want to read some interesting stuff on the corresponding topic if it was related to the one you can't put your eyes off reading? Obviously you would!

That option is available in the blog extension mentioned above. So if you still are not benefiting from the internal links START!

3. Videos as an Engagement Tool

Magento 2 videos

Have you ever started reading a blog post with a great heading and an intriguing opening paragraph expecting to learn some cool stuff but then realizing you are just scrolling down the long and complex one-piece text?

That what actually happens when you do not pay much attention to the content editing. People do not like just texts since they make it hard to concentrate for long. That is why it is important to provide some kind of distraction that will make even a 3000-4000 words article be read in one go.

The greatest of them are videos that are so popular because of the information being displayed visually and thus well-remembered. Videos make customers stay longer what tells search engines your content is valuable. Besides, they can not only keep your customers interested, but help you drive more traffic to your website from different kind of video sharing sources.

4. Relationship Establishment

Magento 2 comments

People tend to like sharing some experience and leaving a review. They always want to express an opinion about something they are passionate about.

In order to get more traffic to your website you really need to show your blog readers, they are appreciated and welcomed.

And what it the better way to do so than comments?

Use different platforms' comments on your website to allow your website visitors to be a part of your community. Believe me, they will be coming back not just to get some new knowledge but to communicate.

Don’t forget that since is it your website they are visiting, it is great to engage in a conversation as well. Reply to the comments and begin building your website’s loyal users right away.

5. Responsive Design

Magento 2 Responsive design

It doesn’t matter how well your content is and how well your landing pages are designed. If your website's interface leaves something to be desired. It is a fact that the days of internet browsing exclusively on PC are gone.

Living in a digital world it is hard to imagine people who don’t have smartphones, tablets or laptops. We constantly surf the web, read and watch something on the internet.

In case your website hasn’t got a responsive design you are in the danger of losing your potential customers. That way you force them to look for something of better quality. Pay attention to that.

6. Improved Performance

Magento 2 improved performance

How long do you usually wait for a website page to load: 5-6 seconds?

I am more than sure that this time limits to 3-4 since there are plenty of other websites out there having the same information you are looking for.

Low page speed is one of the reasons you may not get the expected traffic. It is also the reason you may lose the interest of regular visitors since they notice some minor malfunctions.

Website speed is one of the important factors that influence the website’s ranking.

Thus, you have to make sure your website pages are fully optimized ( including not only pictures but page structure as well). Otherwise, there would be a huge rise in the bounce rates on your website and eventually, you will leave your top positions.

7. Email Marketing

Magento 2 email marketing

Having so many traffic generating ways mentioned here I almost forgot about the old one. Emails marketing has become replaced by content marketing as it stopped being considered as a productive way of attracting customers.

Do you think so?

Emails should definitely be considered a powerful marketing tool. Take into consideration the fact a successfully written email can cause a huge rise in traffic improving your website’s positions.

But don’t overdo it sending them several times a month if you don’t want to suffer the consequences.

8. Best SEO Techniques

Magento 2 SEo practices

Google is constantly developing new scripts for the generation of the most useful results for its users. That is why it is hard to define the best SEO technique.

Adding some Meta Information ( Meta Title, Description and Keywords) to all of your website’s pages is a great SEO practice. It is the information Google will be analyzing while choosing the best position for your website.

Create highly customizable SEO-friendly URLs to increase your chances of getting more organic traffic to your website.

SEO is a science that will always have to be studied by those who want to boost more traffic to their websites. But it is very unpredictable so do not rush and be careful.

9. Social Promotion

magento 2 social promotion

Do you spend at least 3 hours a day on social media? Wouldn’t you be able to spend a day without networking? If your answer to at least one of those questions is Yes then ask yourself why aren’t you already using such a powerful marketing tool as social media?

The majority of the information people get is from the internet which makes us go from page to page following links.

Don't say you can't relate;)

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platform having users all over the world. It is a great platform to start promoting your business. There are plenty of ways you can use it: publishing your blog posts, writing ads, placing banners. The opportunities are unlimited, so start right now and see the result shortly after.

10. Linkbuilding

Magento 2 link building

As it has already been stated Google takes quite a lot of things under consideration analyzing a website. Keywords, meta information, time on the website, bounce rates are not the only things to be paid attention to.

Link building is one of the great practices that helps you drive more traffic to your website from different sources. They help you create a network of links that will result in increased conversion rates and better customer experience.

Some of the platforms you can use for the link building are Quora and Reddit. Both of them have about 60 million organic visitors a month. So it's quite a field to start.

Those tips are the result of a personal experience and a lot of work. Marketing is a constant study of techniques and search for new ways of driving attention. So, who knows if there won’t be conducted a new list of completely new interesting ways.