Magento 2 Contact Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. When customers want to ask a question, complain, or request some information from you they start looking for the contacts form. So, you better have one with all the important store emails.

Thus Magento 2 contact form is a bridge that unites you with your customers, prospects, and partners. And you have to make sure it is accessible from every page of your website. In this article, you will learn how to configure and customize the Magento Contact Us page.

Enable Magento 2 Contact Us Page

Except for the store email addresses, Magento allows you to configure the Contact Us page. This is a default CMS page already created in Magento which contains the contact email address, contact us form, and some additional information you can add. 

To configure Contact Us page:

  1. Got to Stores > Configuration > General > Contacts.
  2. Enable the Contact Us Page.
  3. Set the email address to Sent Emails To.
  4. Choose the Email Sender that would be associated with all responses from the Contact Us page.
  5. Specify the Email Template that would be used for the responses to emails from the Contact Us page. Contact Form is set by default.

Note: you can customize the email template and assign a new one for the emails from the Contact Us page.

Magento 2 Contacts

Once you configure the Contaсt Us page, it will be displayed on the storefront.  By default, it looks like this on the storefront:  Magento 2 Contact Page

However, you can change that too.

Customize Magento 2 Contact Us Page

You can change the content of the Magento 2 contact us page if you like to add some additional information or remove the one set by default.

To customize Magento 2 Contact Us page:

1. Navigate to Content > Blocks and find the Contact Us Info block.

Contact Us Page in the Admin Panel

2. Add the changes you need to the content of the page and Save the block.

Contact Us Form in Magento 2

After you apply the changes, the Contact Us page will be different based on your settings.

Customized Contact Us Page in Magneto 2

Magento 2 Contact Us Page SEO

Same as any other content page, Magento 2 contact form page doesn't have any canonical tags. Thus, if you want your contacts page to be visible in search results you might want to set custom canonical tags for it, using the SEO rules.

canonical tag for magento contacts page

Having a Contact Us page proves you're a reliable, credible, and customer-centric company. Once you configure the Magento 2 Contact form, you provide your customers with the opportunity to get in touch with you whenever they need. 

However, you also have to configure other Magento sales emails to keep up the communication with your customers constantly.