Braintree is the all-in-one, fully-customized, fraud-free payment solution that is supported in many different countries around the globe: US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Moreover, it allows you to accept payment from various systems like PayPal, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, GooglePay, and other Country and Local payment methods.

No wonder it is one of the most popular Magento 2 payment methods along with PayPal solutions.

So, here you'll learn how to configure Braintree payment method in Magento and explore all of its options, including Braintree Apple Pay Magento and Google Pay.

To configure Braintree Payment in Magento 2:

1. Complete Basic Braintree Settings

  • Enter a Title and choose the Braintree Environment: Sandbox or Production.

Note: If you test the payment with sandbox, use card numbers recommended by Braintree, and don’t forget to switch to Production before going live.

  • Choose the Payment Action

Authorize — purchase is approved and funds are put on hold until the merchant “captures” the sale.

Instant Sale — the funds are withdrawn from the customer’s account immediately after the purchase.

  • Enter the Sandbox Merchant ID, Public Key, Private Key, and Validate the Credentials.

Braintree Payment Basic Options

  • Enable Card Payments.
  • Enable PayPal through Braintree if you want to include PayPal as a payment option.
  • Enable Vault for Card Payments if you want to store customer credit card information securely, so they don’t have to reenter it again.

Braintree Card Payments

2. Set Up the Advanced Braintree Settings

1. Enter the Vault Title.

2. Specify the Merchant Account ID.

3. Enable the Advanced Fraud Protection option to use Braintree Fraud Protection for all transactions.

Note: make sure Advanced Fraud Protection is enabled in your Braintree account. 

4. Set the Bypass Fraud Protection Threshold so that the Advanced Fraud Protection checks are bypassed, if the threshold is met or exceeded.

5. Enable the Debug to store all interactions between a store and Braintree.

6. Enable CVV Verification to require customers to enter the three-digit security code from the back of a credit card.

Advanced Braintree Settings

7. Select the supported Credit Card Types and set the Sort Order of the method in the list of payment methods on a storefront.

Braintree Advanced Settings

3. Complete Country Specific Options

  1. Specify the Applicable Countries to accept the Payment From.
  2. If you want to make Braintree payment available only for some countries, select Payment from Specific Countries.
  3. You can even set what cards to accept from specific countries in the Country Specific Credit Card Types field.

Country Specific Credit Card Types

4. Set up Apple Pay through Braintree

All you need to do when configuring Apple Pay through Braintree is Enable this payment method, select the Payment Action, and set the Merchant Name. However, note that some additional actions may also be required.

Apple Pay through Braintree

5. Configure Google Pay through Braintree

  1. Enable GooglePay through Braintree.
  2. Select the Payment Action.
  3. Choose the Button Color and enter the Merchant ID.
  4. Select the Accepted Cards.

Google Pay through Braintree

6. Integrate PayPal through Braintree

Braintree also allows you to integrate PayPal as a payment method. To configure it:

1. Enter a Title of the payment method, choose whether to Enable a Vault to store customers’ credit card information and set a Sort Order.

2. Select whether you want to Override Merchant Name in case you need to set a name different from the one you set in your store configuration.

3. Choose the Payment Action.

4. Select what countries you want to apply this payment method for — Specific or All Allowed Countries.

PayPal through Braintree

5. Choose the Specific Countries if you decided to apply the first option.

6. Select whether to Require Customer’s Billing Address.

7. Enable the Debug option if you need to test the transactions before going live.

8. Decide whether to Display this payment method on Shopping Cart.

PayPal Payments through Braintree

There are some additional configurations for PayPal through Braintree.

1. Choose whether to Enable PayPal Pay Later button or message on the cart page and mini-cart.

2. Select Funding Options to Disable.

3. Choose if you want to Customize the Button. If you do, you can change the Shape, Size, and Color.

Braintree Options on Minicart and Cart Page

4. Fill out the same options for the Checkout Page.

5. Product Page options are also the same, but here you also have to choose whether to Enable PayPal Buy Now button on the product page.

Braintree Payment on Product Page

7. Braintree 3D Verification Setting

If your customers are enrolled in a verification program and use credit cards, you can enable the 3D Secure Verification for them.

  1. Set the Threshold Amount available for triggering 3D verification.
  2. Choose to Verify for Applicable Countries.
  3. Select the Specific Countries if you want this payment method to be available only for some countries.

3D Secure Verification Settings

8. Set up Dynamic Descriptors

Dynamic descriptors are used to verify purchases on credit card statements. They are sent on a per-transaction basis to identify a company associated with the purchase. This allows you to eliminate the number of chargebacks and avoid confusion.

They are not configured in your store by default so you need to set up dynamic descriptors.

1. Set the Name of the descriptor which has two parts separated by the asterisk (*). Firsts part is a company or DBA and the second is a product. 

There are 3 options for how they can be defined:

  • Company name - 3 characters, product - 18.
  • Company name - 7 characters, product 14.
  • Company name - 12 characters, product - 9.

2. Set the Phone descriptor that should have from 10 to 14 characters and include numbers, periods, dashes, and parentheses.

3. Enter the URL descriptor. It should contain a domain name of up to 13 characters.

Braintree Dynamic Descriptors

Once you configure the Braintree payment method in Magento 2, you will provide your customers with one more option to choose from. Along with that, Braintree makes it possible to use instant purchases in your store. Thus, your clients will be just a click away from the checkout.

And then you'll have to make it as simple as possible. For that, you need to customize your Magento 2 checkout page and add icons to payment methods to improve customer experience.