Customers' checkout experience is influenced by plenty of things, among which payment options stand out the most. In fact, the variety or lack of payment methods influences customers' purchase decisions. To provide the utmost experience and cater to customers' needs you have to consider a reliable and safe Magento payment gateway for your store.

Though Paypal is what definitely pops up in your head first when you hear "payment gateway integration", there are plenty of other options to choose from. We've compiled a list of the best payment gateways for Magento 2 to help you get towards safer financial transactions and a seamless shopping experience.

In this comprehensive guide we also go through the criteria you need to choose the best payment integration by, cover how payment gateway works and how you can integrate it into your Magento 2 checkout.

Payment Method, Payment Gateway, Payment Processor

There is a common misconception that the payment gateway is the same thing as the payment method. It is confusing enough, but if you add a "payment processor" things start to get overwhelming.

Let's define what is a payment gateway in contrast to these other concepts so you understand clearly why you need it in your store.

  • Payment method

Payment method is the way customers pay for product purchases in your store. It could be bank transfer, cash, card payment, eWallets, and others.

Magento, by default, allows you to configure the following payment methods: cash on delivery, bank transfer, check/money order zero subtotal, and purchase order. 

  • Payment gateway

Payment gateway, on the other hand, is the thirst-party service that mainly enables online stores to process credit card payments. Its task is to collect, validate, encrypt and transfer customers' financial information, such as credit card numbers and expiration dates from customer to merchant, and merchant to the bank safely.

It doesn't process the transaction.

  • Payment processor

Payment processor is the institution that processes the transactions after receiving a request from the payment gateway. It works behind the scenes to transfer money from customers' accounts to the merchants' accounts safely and return to payment gateway with the transaction validation feedback.

How Payment Gateway Works in Magento 2?

Before we go any further with the Magento payment gateways, let's sum up how the payment method works. 

Once customers fill out the credit card payment details and submit the order, they are transferred to the payment gateway. To request transaction authentication, the payment gateway sends the encoded card details to the payment processor and further to the processing bank.

The bank then approves or declines the transactions and sends a reply back to the payment processor. The processing bank sends the money to the payment gateway that redirects them to the merchant account in a matter of minutes or a few days (based on the payment gateway options). 

Confusing right? 

However, you shouldn't get your head around it too much since once the payment request is received by the payment gateway, they got you covered.

How to Choose ECommerce Payment Gateway?

Choosing the best Magento 2 payment gateway for your business is a tough call considering the multitude of them on the market. However, to meet both customers' expectations and your business objectives, the payment gateway must follow certain requirements.

  • Security — the whole point of the payment gateway is the secure transaction of the customers' pertinent information. Make sure the payment gateway offers sustainable data security features.
  • Convenience — to avoid an extra headache, choose only those payment gateways that offer you an easy and fast integration in addition to the "clean" and intuitive interface.
  • Cost — choose a payment gateway that charges reasonable fees for the transaction processing.
  • Payment capabilities — the more payment alternatives the better, so ensure the payment gateway option you choose offers the most common credit/debit cards and mobile payment opinions if relevant.
  • Scalability — payment gateways should adjust to your business size and sustain high traffic and order volumes as your business grows.

Best Magento Payment Gateways

Finally, we've come to the payment gateway options. Here we've listed the best, global, European and localized payment providers, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best.

1. Paypal 

 Region: Global

 Cost: $2.99 + fixed fee ($0.49 US/ 0.39 EUR) per transaction — additional international commercial transactions at 1.50% rate.

PayPal is an internationally recognized payment gateway for people throughout the world for personal and commercial transactions. Since it is widely used, you probably won't find a store that doesn't offer it as a payment option.

And no wonder.

Paypal offers one of the most convenient pricing options, accepts all the popular credit cards, and features in-person payment and online invoicing. Paypal goes above and beyond to boost security which makes it one of the most reliable payment gateways for Magento.  

What is more, Magento offers you the Paypal payment gateway integration out-of-the-box with a variety of options: Advanced, Standard, Pro, Payflaw Pro, and Payflaw Link. And the configuration of Paypal in Magento is really straightforward.


Region: Global

Cost: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction without merchant account —  $0.10 per transaction + $0.10 daily batch fee. is the other globally recognized all-in-one payment gateway solution for small, medium, and enterprise-sized companies. It is an affordable, secure, and easy-to-use option for your store needs. So no wonder it is already used by around 430K + merchants around the world. is a robust solution that offers a wide range of payment options: American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard credit/debit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. They even provide a POS system if you have a local and online store.

Flexible payment options and a straightforward interface is what makes it stand out from other Magento payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. 

3. Braintree

Region: Global

Cost: same as PayPal $2.99 + fixed fee ($0.49 US/ 0.39 EUR) per transaction — additional 1% for non-URD currency transactions.


Powered by PayPal, Braintree is a world-famous payment gateway provider that offers you various payment options, data encryption, and fraud prevention.

It features 130+ currencies and offers a seamless payment experience across 45 countries. The highlight is the development tools that enable you to customize the checkout and the ability to accept online payment without a merchant account.

Since it is powered by PayPal, Braintree offers you the same payment options and you can configure Braintree in the Magento admin panel fast and easily.

4. AmazonPay

Region: Global

Cost: 2.9 % + fixed fee $0.30 per transaction —  cross-boarder transactions (for cards issued outside U.S) 3.9% + fixed fee $0.30 per transaction .


As reliable, fast, and convenient as Amazon is, so does the Amazon Payment gateway you can use for your Magento 2 store. Amazon features the speed and high-security level of its payment solution. To check out with Amazon on your website, customers just have to press one button.

Magento uses the information already stored in customers' Amazon accounts. This way, they won't have to create a new account, remember new passwords, and most importantly share their credit card information through multiple websites. 

Moreover, Amazon Pay offers an on-site experience without customers having to leave and then come back to your checkout page. However, there's also the Amazon Simple Pay option that directs customers to the Amazon secure website where they enter their payment details.

5. Stripe

Region: Global

Cost: 2.9 % + fixed fee $0.30 per transaction —  +1% for international transactions + 1 if currency conversion is required.


When discussing the best Magento 2 payment gateways it is impossible to miss out on Stripe. It is a fully-featured and highly customizable payment solution for businesses of any size and scale.

It features more than 135 currencies and supports 35+ countries. Stripe is the fastest-improving platform certified to the highest compliance standards.

It is a fully integrated suite of payment options that powers payments for online retailers, subscription businesses, marketplaces, and software platforms

Stripe is what they call "all-in-one". The only downside is integrating it requires some technical skills, so the code is tweaked based on your needs.

6. 2Checkout

Region: Global

Cost: 3.5% + fixed fee $0.35 per transaction

2Checkout payment gateway is one of the most secure and super simple at the same time. It has 87 currencies, and 33 languages and supports payment transactions in 200+ countries.

By choosing 2Checkout you can offer your customers more than 45 payment methods for faster, easier, and more convenient payment. 2Checkout can integrate with 100+ shopping carts and even allows you to charge monthly or yearly payments. 

This payment gateway is PCI Level 1 certified, incorporates the three-tier defense strategy, and comes with the 300 fraud rules for extra security. So, it is a decent rival to PayPal or Stripe.

7. Klarna

Region: Europe

Cost: 3.29% - 5.99%% + fixed fee $0.30


Klarna is the fast-growing payment gateway provider you can use for Magento. It currently serves more than 90M consumers and delivers top-notch service for both customers and merchants.

It is the fastest and safest solution that is pron to reduce the cart abandonment rates. Klarna is nothing like the Magento payment gateways we've discussed before since it offers customers to pay later. 

With Klarna you can offer your customers to pay in 4 interest-free installments every 2 weeks. Besides, there is a "Pay in 30 days" option that enabled customers to enjoy their purchase and pay for it later.

I know what you're thinking. It is totally safe since, guess what, Klarna pays you upfront. So there is a zero risk included for you as a merchant.

8. WorldPay

Region: Europe

Cost: 2.90% + fixed fee $0.30 per swipes transaction — 3.30% + fixed fee $0.30 per keyed-in transaction


WorldPay is the payment gateway giant that is not receiving the same amount of attention though it could easily complete with PayPal or Braintree. It is a robust payment solution that handles everything for you in-house.

No outsourcing is required.

World Pay offers you to choose from plenty of payment options from online card transactions to regular billing and Pay Par Link emails

Regarding security, World Pay goes with the strongest fraud and risk management capabilities which makes it a great option for Magento 2 payment gateway. On top of that, it offers you a reporting feature, so you can track your performance online and opt for ways of improvement.

9. WorldLine

Region: Europe

Cost: the fees must be obtained from the company, no fees are published online


With the WorldLine Payment gateway, you can offer your customers a seamless payment experience and increase conversion rates. It works across 170 countries, supports multi-currencies, offers 150 different payment methods, and has already managed 2.5 billion transactions.

It is an all-new Magento payment gateway provider you can use for regional and cross-border transactions. Moreover, it offers you recurring payment, Pay by Link, single API integration, one-click refund options, and much more.

What impresses is that with WorldLine you can create your custom payment method that will available on checkout for a better customer experience. Regarding security, there are multiple intelligent technologies you can use to reduce fraud and improve data protection.

10. Opayo (Sage Pay)

Region: UK

Cost: £25-£45 per month, depending on the number of transactions per month + bespoke pricing for the corporate plan (3000+ transactions/month).


If you highlight security in the best payment gateways for Magento, Opayo is the service to keep an eye on. It is recognized by 50K+ stores for an extra level of security with PCI DSS level 1 compliance, 3D Secure Authentication, CVC, and AVS security layers.

Opayo offers you to access online, face-to-face, telephone, and virtual terminal payments. You can benefit from online invoicing, add additional data protection, create your own payment method and accept token payments.

It s an industry-leading security provider for seamless customer experience. 

11. Dwolla

Region: US

Cost: Pay-As-You-Go and Scale Pricing model + might be an additional 0.5% per transaction.


Dwolla is a preferred payment gateway provider if you want to accept ACH payments in your store which is a great alternative for credit/debit card payments.

And here's why.

ACH is a bank-to-bank transfer, so your customers can transfer money from their bank to yours without having to pay the credit card issuing fees. So, the processing fees are much lower than on the Magento payment gateways we've discussed before. 

What is more, Dwolla allows you to incorporate their ACH technology into your store under your branding which boosts your reputation.

It is the best option for B2B or marketplace businesses since its seamless API integration enables you to validate bank details, manage transaction activities, search transaction information, and more.

12. Pin Payments

Region: Australia and New Zealand

Cost: from 1.75 % + fixed fee $0.30 per transaction for domestic cards —  international transactions from 2.9% + fixed fee $0.30 per transaction (if you process over $30,000/month there is a custom pricing option)

Pin Payments

Pin Payments is another payment gateway to consider for Magento 2 if you're managing a small business in Australia or New Zealand. They offer you regional and international transactions and protections from credit card fraud and chargeback scams.

This service enables your customers can initiate a payment from an invoice or a quote. Pin Payments clients also point out the simplicity and straightforwardness of the service.

Pin Payments is a first-class, reliable and efficient payment gateway provider with an excellent response time to any service inquiries.

So if you sell in Australia, that's the perfect option to go with.

13. eWay

Region: Australia

Cost: from 1.5 % + fixed fee $0.25 per both domestic and international transactions


eWay is a robust and comprehensive payment gateway provider for Magento that is originated in Australia, but popular in US and Canadian markets as well.

It features an integration with 250+ shopping carts and offers an extra security suite. It includes hosted payments, fraud prevention, real-time database matching, transparent redirects, and machine learning. You can be sure no suspicious activity will go through the whole transaction process.

Simple design, easy integration, fast transaction processing — it's all about eWay.

14. Secure Pay

Region: Australia

Cost: 0.27 % per transaction (up to 3000 transaction/year) — 0.23 % per transaction (up to 6000 transaction/year) — 0.22 % per transaction (up to 10 000 transaction/year)

Secure Pay

Last but not least Australian world-class payment gateway provider on this link is Secure Pay.

More than 90, 000 Australian businesses trust Secure Pay and benefit from the flexible and customizable payment solutions they provide. They support multiple currencies, all major cards like Visa, MasterCard, Amex and also PayPal, POLi, and now Apple Pay

Secure Pay is fully PCI DSS compliant and appeals to the international OAuth 2.0 secure standard to eliminate fraud and data leaking. You can also view transaction history and set up reports in the Secure Pay portal to stay up to date on your payment performance.

How to Integrate Payment Gateway in Magento 2?

After you make up your mind on what Magento 2 payment gateway provider to choose, you need to integrate it into your Magento 2 store. As mentioned before, some of the payment gateways might require coding skills. However, it is not an easy setup anyways, if you don't have any programming skills at all. 

To integrate payment gateway in Magento 2: 

  1. Configure the modules.
  2. Configure the payment methods.
  3. Implement a payment method facade. Check more about payment info rendering in admin checkout for that.
  4. Configure payment actions.

As you can see things can get complicated and confusing in the process. So you might need to have a developer to call out for.

Magento Payment Gateway is a Must-Have

Payment gateways for Magento 2 are a must if you want to secure customer financial information and provide a fast and straightforward payment experience. No complicated forms, no multi-step payment, no cluttered interface is what improves your conversion rates and reduces cart abandonment. 

All of these payment gateways offer some outstanding features for secure and fast payments. However, they have different processing fees and are best suited for different regions. 

Take your time to make a choice and go with the payment gateway that best suits your business requirements. If you need some helps to integrate any of those payment gateways into your store, our Magento 2 development company is always at your disposal.