How to Install Shopify Size Chart App?

Wrong size is one of the common reasons why customers decide to return a product. This leaves a bad impression and discourages customers from buying from you again. The solution? Size charts, since they help people choose the right size before purchasing.

You'll need some help to create size charts in Shopify. That's when the Shopify Size Chart App by Magefan comes in handy.

To add a Size Chart App to Shopify:

1. Log in to the Shopify App Store and find the Magefan Size Chart.

2. Click Install on the Magefan Size Chart App listing page.

shopify size chart app

3. Click Install again in your Shopify admin to authorize the use of the app. 

install size chart app

Once you install the app you'll find it in the Apps and sales channel settings section in your Shopify admin.

Note: if you've chosen a paid plan you'll see charges in the next invoice. Magefan issues charges in a recurring manner. To see your current invoice click on the Size Chart App on the list of apps.

4. Navigate to Apps and find the Magefan Size Chart app. 

magefan size chart app for shopify

Once you click on the App you'll be redirected to the size charts page so you can start adding size charts in Shopify.

manage size charts in shopify