How to Remove /a/ from Blog URLs?

Shopify Blog App from Magefan offers you extensive URL settings for all blog pages. In Standard and Pro plan you can change blog page paths flexibly. However, the question that troubles our customers the most is — what is the /a/ doing in the blog URLs and how to remove it?

So, today we'll tackle this subject and explain how you can manage the /a/ in Magefan blog URLs.

Why is There an /a/ in Blog URLs?

The /a/ in Magefan blog URLs comes from the app proxy. According to Shopify requirements, it is obligatory for all pages that come from an app. That's why you have /a/ in your blog URLs, like in the following example:


How to Remove /a/ from Blog URLs?

Since the /a/ proxy is obligatory for all URLs that come from the third-party Shopify app, you can't remove it. However, you can change it to the values offered by Shopify.

How to Change /a/ in Blog URLs?

To change /a/ in Shopify blog URLs, navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Permalink Settings > App Proxy. Then simply choose a different Subpath prefix from the available options:

  • community
  • apps
  • tools

change app proxy for shopify blog

You can also change the Subpath /blog/ to anything you like. However, it's important to synchronize these app settings with Shopify app proxy settings.

So, jump to the link in the App Proxy section or go to Settings > Apps and sales channels and find the App proxy section there.

shopify app proxy

Click Customize URL and copy the settings you've set in the blog configuration section.

customize app proxy in shopify

Save the changes once you finish and check your blog links on the frontend. If you haven't published any posts yet, you can preview posts on frontend even if they are just drafts.

Important: if you've managed your blog for a while before changing the /a/ in the URL paths, you need to create redirects for all blog pages to avoid 404 pages.