Add FAQ Schema in Blog Post - Magento

Structured data helps you to communicate some additional information about your blog post to the search engine. It provides more details about your blog posts and helps search robots to determine whether your post fits to be featured in a snippet. 

Although our Magento 2 Blog already has all of the required structured data implemented, you don't have to stop there. Today we want to teach you how to add FAQ schema in Magento Blog to benefit from better indexing and provide tremendous value to your blog readers.

You don't need to edit any templates or dive deep into the code. You simply need Magento 2 Rich Snippets extension. 

So, here we go. 

To add FAQ schema in Magento blog post: 

1. Navigate to Content > Blog > Posts and find the blog post you want to add the FAQs for.

2. Click on the space where you want to add FAQs and select Widgets.

Magento Widgets Option

3. Select FAQ by Magefan as a Widget type.

4. Choose the

There are 3 different types you can choose from:
1JSON-LD (application/ld+json)
— uses json object and HTML on the page.
2JSON-LD (application/ld+json) Without HTML
— uses json object, but no HTML.
3Microdata (HTML attributes and tags)
— uses HTML on the page, no json object is used.

5. Fill out the FAQ List.

6. Choose the FAQs Template to define how it will look on the frontend.

FAQ Rich Snippet Magento

Once you finish, save the widget and the blog post and check how the FAQ snippet is displayed in your blog post. The position of the widget doesn't matter, insert it anywhere within the blog post where you see fit. 

Magento FAQ Snippet

To make sure the blog post FAQ schema is added correctly you can use the Schema Validator

FAQ Page Schema Validation

FAQ schema helps you to make your blog posts more engaging and helps robots gather additional information about your blog post. However, it's not the only place where you have to add them. FAQ page, products, categories and other pages matter too.

That being said, Rich Snippets Extension allows you to add FAQ rich snippet in Magento via widget and content editor to any page of your store. Try this out and see your CTR grow.