How to Add Customers in Magento POS?

When you manage online and offline stores you have to be ready that some people might want to checkout as customers, not guests. Luckily, the Magefan POS system for Magento offers that. So you can tick that point. 

However, what if someone who hasn't created an account online, wants to create one at your point of sale?  Would asking them to go online and sign up be too much? It would. 

That's why to provide the best customer experience you need to create customers in Magento POS directly.

Ready to learn how?

To create customers in Magento POS:

1. Log in to your POS location as a cashier and choose a terminal. 

2. Click on the customer icon on the right top corner of the shopping cart panel. 

Add new customer in POS Magento

3. Specify the customer's First/Last Name, and set an Email

4. Choose whether you want to sign a customer up for the newsletter and allow remote shopping assistance for them.

5. Press the Create an Account button and you've created a customer in POS!

Create customer Magento POS

If you also want to add an address while creating a new customer in POS, go to Store > Configuration > Magefan Extension > Poing of Sale > Customer Registration and enable the Display Customer Address option.

Create customer account Magento POS

The address fields will appear along with the other customer form fields we've just mentioned.

create customer in pos with address

Once you finish, you can go to the admin panel and check the newly created customer. Or simply continue with the POS checkout and find your customer from the list of customers and close the sale.

Magento POS checkout

Adding customers in Magento POS directly takes the pressure off your customers. And it helps you to extend your customer base and improve marketing campaigns. It's a win-win!