How to Display Products on Magento CMS Pages?

Displaying related products in Magento catalogue definitely boosts conversions, especially if those products are dynamic and change regularly. However, to make the most of this feature you shouldn't focus only on product pages. Try to display products on Magento CMS pages as well. 

It could be the About Us, Customer Service or any other page custom CMS page. However, since the homepage is the most important CMS page, we'll focus on that today. 

Create Relate Products Rule

To display products in Magento CMS pages you need the Magento 2 Automatic Related Products Extension. It allows you to display products by category, or by any other product attribute on CMS pages. 

1. Navigate to Magefan > Automatic Related Products > Rules and start adding a new rule.

2. Enable the rule, give it a Name, Description and Priority.

Note: Priority defines which rule is applied first in case there are 2 or more rules that apply to the same page. 

new related product rule magento

3. Specify what Customer Group and Store View to enable the rule for. 

4. Set a Date From and Date To to define the period when the products should be displayed on a CMS page.

product rule settings in magento

5. Choose Custom in the Where/When to Display section. 

Display products on magento cms page

6. Define what products to display by setting up the conditions (based on product attributes) in the What To Display (Products To Display) section.

product display on cms page

7. Configure the Display Settings

  • Specify the Block Title
  • Select what to Sort product By.
  • Choose whether to Display "Add to Cart" button and "Out of Stock" Products.
  • Set the Number of Products to Display on a CMS page.
  • Choose the Template for related products.

Note: except for the default template, you can choose to display compare products and bundle packs.

related products display settings

Don't forget to Save the rule before moving on to the next step.

Configure Products Widget

Once you have a rule configured, there are quite a few steps left. You just need to add a widget to a CMS homepage. 

1. Go to Content > Widgets and Add New Widget

2. Select the Auto Related Products Block as a widget Type and set your Design Theme

add widget in magento 2

3. Continue with the standard widget options such as Title, Store View and Sort Order

4. Specify Where to display the widget, what type of Page and page Container to put it in.

magento widget layout updates

5. Switch to the Widget Options and set the Name of the Rule you've just created. 

magento widget option

6. Save the widget and go to the storefront to check your products on a CMS page.

magento products on cms page

Depending on your widget settings, you can display multiple products on Magento CMS pages and in multiple locations. However, that's not it. 

You can display several blocks of products that will change dynamically based on the rules. And if you want to take this one step further, you can also configure other related product rules and display them on category pages.