Magento POS Access Control List

When managing a lot of POS locations and having multiple cashiers in each of them, you definitely need to delegate tasks. Still, not each of your sales managers has the same set of responsibilities. 

Correspondingly, not every one of them needs to have access to the same resources. This ensures a safe environment at your point of sale and helps to track what actions your sales managers take. 

For that, you need the access control list (ACL) our Magento POS System offers. 

To configure POS Access Control List in Magento: 

1. Navigate to System > Permissions > User Roles and choose the cashier role you've created before.

2. Switch to the Role Resources and tick the resource you want to be available for your cashiers in the POS frontend.

You can choose among: 

  • Custom Product Price
  • Custom Product Name
  • Custom Sale 
  • Update Source Inventory

Magento POS Access Control List

Limiting users access to all POS features ensures a secure POS management. Someone responsible for restocking can have access only to the source inventory feature. Some sales manager needs to be able to set custom price or name. 

Note: the Access Contol List feature, along with the features it allows you to choose in user role resources is available in the POS Extra edition.