Standing out in search is not easy. But Google makes it a little easier with the rich results that you're eligible for only if you use structured data. It could be the HowTo markup, FAQs or product rich snippets. 

However, today you'll learn how to add event-structured data in Magento using only the Magento Rich Snippets tool (no coding required).

Let's get right to it.

Add Event Structured Data in Magento

1. Navigate to any page you'd like to add the structured data to and find the widgets tool in the Content section. 

2. Choose the Event Rich Snippet by Magefan as the Widget Type and fill out the Widget Options

event rich snippet magento

3. Specify the Event Name, Description, Start and End Dates.

4. Set the Attendance Mode — Standard Online, Offline or Mixed (Online and Offline) Event.

5. Choose the event Type:

  • Scheduled
  • Rescheduled
  • Postponed
  • Moved Online
  • Cancelled

 event structured data magento

6. Provide details about the Location of your event:

  • Location Name
  • Street Address
  • Address Locality 
  • Postal Code
  • Address Region
  • Address Country

event markup magento

7. Give information about the Performer Name, Organizer Name and Organizer URL.

magento event structured data

8. Upload the event logo in Images.

9. Provide a link to the page where people can purchase tickets in Offers.

event details markup

Don't forget to Save a widget and then a page.

Validate Event Structured Data

Note: the events structured data in Magento won't be visible anywhere on the frontend. Just in the code. 

So to make sure the event markup is correct, validate your page with the Schema Validator or Rich Results Test.

schema markup validator

Event structured data makes you eligible for event experience in Google. This means people will discover your events directly in search which increases your chances of being discovered. 

However, note that you should use other important rich snippets to get the most out of the structured data.