How to Copy Product Custom Options in Magento?

When it comes to creating products in Magento, customizable options help you to provide customers with a choice. They help customers choose between some product options without relying entirely on product attributes.

While different product types can share the same customizable options, you still have to set them for each item. And imagine some of those options change. You would have to go and update them for each product. 

Product Customizable Options Magento

What if we offered you a solution to update custom product options in bulk? 

This solution is the Magento 2 Extended Product Grid & Mass Action extension that will enable you to edit custom options for one product and then copy them to multiple other products. 

So, let's see how it works. 

To copy custom product options in Magento 2: 

1. Go to Catalog > Products and check all products you need to copy the custom options to. 

Magento Product Grid

2. Choose Copy Custom Options from the Mass actions dropdown and specify the ID of the product you are copying the custom option from. (in our case it's Joust Duffle Bag - ID 1). 

Copy Custom Actions in Bulk Magento

Once you confirm you want to copy custom product options from one product to another you can check them on the product view page in the admin or storefront. 

Extended Product Grid & Mass Actions extension allows you to preview products directly from the grid so you can jump to the storefront instantly. Additionally, you can give it a try on our live demo and make sure it really is super fast and easy.