How to Duplicate Related Product Rules in Magento 2?

Although related products in Magento 2 require manual management, you don't have to worry about it with the Auto Related Products Extension for Magento 2. It allows you to automate the process and create related product rules based on multiple products and cart attributes. 

All you need to do is set when where and under what condition to display related products. However, you also don't have to create multiple rules from scratch since the module allows you to duplicate related product rules.

To duplicate related product rules in Magento:

1. Navigate to Marketing > Automatic Related Products > Rules and choose the rule you want to copy the conditions from.

Duplicate Realted Product Rules Magento

2. Press Duplicate on the top menu panel. 

Copy Auto Related Product Rules Magento

Duplicated related product rules will be disabled by default and have the corresponding label added to the title. So, all you have to do after that is tweak the rule settings, rename it, enable and save. 

This feature allows you to configure similar rules for multiple pages in a matter of minutes. It also works for the create related products widget  you create to display on different CMS pages.