How To Cancel A Shipment In Magento 2?

Magento is very straightforward when it comes to processing orders in the admin, which can't be said about the customers' side. However, unfortunately, customers can frequently change their minds right after making a purchase and might want to cancel their shipment. So, it is important to know how to cancel shipments in Magento 2 to ensure seamless management and uninterrupted order processing.

While you can cancel orders in Magento, there are some restrictions when it comes to shipments. In fact, everything depends on the carriers you are working with and the limitations they set.

e.g To cancel a shipment with UPS you have to wait 24 hours after a shipment is booked. Using FedEx, on the other hand, you can cancel a shipment within 12 hours or before the ship date, which is usually printed on the label.

If you want to know how to cancel a shipment in Magento, then keep reading! We'll explain everything.

How to Cancel a Shipment in Magento?

To cancel a shipment in Magento:

1. Go to Sales > Orders and choose the order the shipping of which you want to cancel.

How To Cancel Shipment In Magento

2. Go to Order View > Shipments.

3. Press the Cancel Shipment button, if it is available, and confirm you want to cancel a shipment.

If your carrier has set canceling limitations, there will be no Cancel Shipment button in the button bar, so you will not be able to cancel a shipment. 

Cancel Order

Note: if you cancel a shipment, it can't be uncanceled. So, it is impossible to return the previous status of the shipment. Correspondingly, the only option is to book another shipment.

And here you go! Now you know how simple it is to cancel a shipment in Magento.

Pay attention to your shipping methods configuration and carrier limitations, to know whether you can cancel a shipment to keep your orders and shipments organized.