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We haven’t been here for quite a while. So now we prepared a lot of News and Updates for you this hot July, 2021. We really hope you will enjoy all the new features of the latest Magento 2 extensions we have released.

Let’s go!

NEW features of Magento 2 Blog Extension!

Now you can export blog posts to CSV and also enjoy improved CSV import features of Blog Extra. Create new experiences for your customers with 3 new templates for the blog post lists:

  • block-2-1-shortcontent
  • block-2-2-shortcontent
  • block-2-3-shortcontent 

Among other features included you will find very useful import from Drupal and updated YouTube widget (Blog Extra). 

We have also added the blog GraphQL v2.1.2 with multi-store support and made some code and CSS stylesheet improvements. 

The issue with the featured widget that used a sidebar featured posts block template is fixed now, as well as the issue with blog posts lazy loading of new blog templates. We have also fixed  CSS conflict with "fa" fonts.

NEW features of Magento 2 Zero Downtime Deployment Extension!

From now on, you don’t have to push the code manually. We have added GitHub, GitLab web-hooks support to initialize the deployment automatically.

Besides, the extension is compatible with Bitnami servers now (bin/magefan-bitmani-zdd script added). 

We have also added additional bin/magento CLI commands that allow you to deploy changes without GIT

In the new version, there are also two new options available: to define a specific git branch to pull from, and to define a custom bin/magento command to run.

We have also fixed error when running bin/magento magefan:zero-downtime:deploy command from some bash script.

NEW features of Magento 2 WebP Images Extension!

You can benefit from WebP Images even more. Now HTML image parser is improved as well as the compatibility with Weltpixel Owl Slider extension.

Another great news the owners of the MGS_Fbuilder module would like to hear - the compatibility issue has been fixed!



NEW feature of Magento 2 Admin Email Notifications Extension!

Keep track of all new customers in your store with the Customer Registration Email Notification for admin. It means that admins can receive notifications about new customer registration now.

So far only customers could receive such email notifications with the default Magento functionality.



NEW features of our Magento 2 Mautic Extension!

We have added a feature to send the "Last Order Date" contact value to the Mautic. Regarding the subscription status - it now receives not just 0 or 1 values but IDs of all possible Magento subscription statuses which is really convenient for customer segmentation. 

Other great things you will find in the new version are Mautic tags for purchased products, purchased products category, wishlist products and abandoned cart products.

We have also added an option to disable Magento subscription double-opt-in email and send this email via Mautic.

Some of the bug fixes have also taken place. We have fixed the web-hooks that didn’t work and an issue with a customer who is marked as unsubscribed in Mautic when he checked subscribe to the newsletter during the registration.

Error with synchronization country field when country name is invalid has been fixed in this version as well.

NEW feature of Magento 2 YouTube Widget Extension!

Benefit from the improved YouTube Widget extension. Now we have added an image size option in the widget settings which allows you to define one of the parameters for video image CSS background: Contain (default), Cover, Auto.




NEW feature of our Magento 2 Image Lazy Load Extension!

Unique CSS classes for lazy load image processing have been added in the latest version: mf-loading, mf-loaded, mf-error, mf-initial v2.1.x. Owners of this extension can also enjoy improved HTML parser.





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