Hello there, Magento fans!

Are you ready for the final summer updates from Magefan about the new module release, dozens of new features and improvements?

Then let’s go!

New Magento 2 Translation Plus module release!

In addition to all the features included in the Translation Base extension, there is new splendid functionality you will definitely like. Now auto-search of texts is available for translations in the database.

We have also added an option to search untranslated texts. In our Magento 2 Translation Plus extension, you will enjoy an easy translation of the texts to all your languages within one grid.

Hurry up to try it yourself on our demo!

New feature of Magento 2 PWA Blog Add-on!

Now our famous Magento 2 PWA Blog is compatible with Magento PWA Studio 11, and you can benefit from managing your favorite blog on the PWA storefront even more.





New features of Magento 2 Better Admin Order Grid!

For your convenience we have added the better order grid in the "Orders" tab in the customer account edit page. Now you can also see the product images displayed for bundle products in the order view page.

Other great feature you will benefit from is an option to display any product attribute in the "Bought Products" column in the order grid.

You can also display the name of the admin user who created/changed the order. Now you can search order by any product attribute that is displayed in the "Bought Products" column.

We have also fixed an order state that is not changing after the order status change. Now it works flawlessly.

New improvements of Magento 2 WebP Images!

We have significantly improved the work of WebP Images extension on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

So you won’t experience any issues with the AMP after updating to the last version of Magento 2 WebP Images.




New features of Magento 2 CMS Display Rules!

Improvements took place here too - we have added multi-store view support and enhanced its compatibility with the third-party extensions.

New option has been added - now you can restrict CMS block display per URL, module/controller/action name, category ID.

Sounds great?



New features of Magento 2 Zendesk Chat!

In the latest version we have added Content Security Policies for Zendesk CSS, JavaScript, Images.

You can also benefit from the "Enable Script Load Delay" option to choose to delay Zendesk Chat on every page load, only the first user page load, or to disable the delay at all.



New features of Magento 2 Mautic Extension!

Now you can track errors during synchronization with Mautic since we have added a new "response_errors" field in the "magefan_mauticintegration_sync" database table

We have also fixed the undefined function "_" in ExportButton.php and made some minor code improvements.



Learn more about Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph.

We have fixed an issue occurring when the Open Graph image becomes empty after re-saving the catalog category. 







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