10+ Best Shopify Customer Support Apps

One of the most important aspects of any business is customer service. High-quality products matter a lot, and so does the ability to communicate with your customers effectively. If you can cater to your clients' needs and solve their requests promptly, you establish yourself as a brand people can trust. 

You can assist your customers in different ways depending on your business type. Now, it's easier than ever given the number of available Shopify apps. But there are two sides of the same coin. What option exactly will be the one?

We know how overwhelming such choices can be. Thus, to give you a hand, we prepared a list of the best Shopify customer support apps that cover diverse aspects of customer service.

Let's get right to them!

Top Customer Support Apps for Shopify

Icon App name Developer Price Free plan Free trial
Magefan Login As Customer Login As Customer Magefan

Standard - $19/month

Pro - $39/month

Hulk Form Builder Hulk Form Builder HulkApps.com

Pro - $9.90/month

Pro+ - $19.90/month

Gorgias Gorgias Gorgias Inc.

Starter - $10/month

Basic - $60/month

Pro - $360/month

Advanced - $900/month

myappgurus Product Review Shopify MyAppGurus


Accessibly Accessibly On The Map Marketing

Regular - $5/month

Professional - $20/month

Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM Reamaze

Basic - $29/month

Pro - $49/month

Plus - $69/month

Enterprise Custom - $899/month

Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC Okendo

Essential - $19/month

Growth - $119/month

Powerful Contact Form Builder Powerful Contact Form Builder PowerfulForm.com

Premium - $9.99/month

Pro - $19.90/month

HelpCenter | FAQ Page Builder HelpCenter | FAQ Page Builder Shark Byte, Inc

Basic - $8/month

Standard - $45/month

Advanced - $100/month

Recharge Subscription Recharge Subscription


Standard - $99/month

Pro - $499/month

ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges ReturnGO

Starter - $23/month

Premium - $121/month 

Pro - $297/month

Enterprise - $417/month 

SimpleCall SimpleCall — Click to Call flowzy Standard - $1.49/month
HelpLab FAQ Page, Product FAQs HelpLab FAQ Page, Product FAQs Avocados Lab

Essentials - $3.99/month

Professional - $7.99/month

1. Login As Customer

Let's begin with the Login As Customer app from Magefan. This solution allows you to log in to your customers' accounts without a password.

That said, you can assist them effectively with the account settings, prepare the shopping cart for them, or help with some inconsistencies if any.

If you're using Multipass, nothing stands in your way when logging into your customer accounts. If you're not, you can simply ask clients to request assistance or temporarily change the user's password.

Besides, the Magefan Login As Customer app keeps track of all customer account logins making it clear when anyone logs into certain customer's account.

Thus you don't have to bore your customers with lengthy explanations and confusing directions. Just log into their accounts and have the thing done in a matter of seconds. This is a life-changer for many, so why not give it a go?

Highlight Features:

  • Shopify Multipass login compatibility
  • Customer password reset
  • API endpoints
  • Customer consent for assistance
  • Free for development stores

2. Hulk Form Builder

When you strive to make your store user-friendly, there are no insignificant interface elements. Everything people see and interact with influences their shopping experience. This is specifically important for the forms you use to keep in touch with your customers.

Creating the cuntact us form

(Building the Contact Us forms - source Hulk Form Builder)

The Hulk Form Builder app helps you build unique forms from scratch or using the preset templates. You can edit any part of the form, upload files, and adjust it as per your website's needs. With a variety of available form types, you're sure to find the best option for communication.

Highlight Features:

  • Unlimited forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Dynamic values
  • Export submissions

3. Gorgias

Another item on our list of best Shopify customer support apps is Gorgias. This app covers a bit different aspect — direct communication with customers. It allows you to keep all your tickets in one place, fetching them not only from Shopify but from other channels too.

Centralized customer interactions in one feed

(All communication channels gathered in one feed - source Gorgias)

Besides, this app also comes with live chat and AI suggestions. Thus, you can automate ticket management and process customer requests faster. Yet, each plan has its limitations regarding the number of tickets you can work with per month . So, be attentive when choosing any of the options for your store.

Highlight Features:

  • Tickets per month restrictions depending on the plan
  • Live chat
  • Automation add-on
  • Self-service functionality

4. Shopify Product Reviews

If you are looking forward to gathering social proof, then all that you need is an efficient Product Review application. Reviews can help you to stand out from the crowd as it reveals your unique product feedback along with ratings.

shopify product reviews app

MyAppGurus’ Shopify Product Reviews app offers you the capability to collect reviews with ease with its bulk import and export feature. In a simple tap, you can export and import reviews which is the best part. It even allows you to offer incentives to customers whenever they submit photo or video reviews. You can use both manual and automated approval of reviews for precise evaluation.

Highlight Features:

  • Diverse layouts
  • Auto-schedule emails
  • Bulk import or export
  • Auto and Manual Review Approval

5. Accessibly

The best way to assist your customers is to make your store inclusive and accessible for everyone. That's what the Accessibly app allows you to do while also complying with WCAG and ADA. 

Accessibility options

(Choosing the accessibility options - source Accessibly)

With the help of this app, your customers can adjust the website view according to their needs. It's possible to change brightness, make the text bigger, display the tooltips, or hide images. Besides, you can also create custom trigger warnings and see the important stats in a separate dashboard. 

Highlight Features:

  • Readable fonts/change contrast/highlight links
  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Custom trigger warnings
  • Analytics

6. Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM

One more app with a unified inbox to keep all your communication channels organized is Reamaze. Here you can use AI tools to build the responses as well as get a use of the live chat.

Customer support chat

(AI-powered support chat - source Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM)

This app also allows you to manage customer orders and automate repetitive tasks with the help of rules. With push notifications and satisfaction surveys, you have more chances to increase customer engagement.

Highlight Features:

  • Live chat, chatbots
  • Unlimited email inboxes
  • Workflows and macros
  • Advanced reports

7. Okendo

We're moving on to our next Shopify customer support app, Okendo. This solution is aimed at turning the visitors of your store into active shoppers. It offers a vast array of marketing tools and advanced review options, while also facilitating store-customer interaction.

Surveys for customer enagement

(Targeted customer surveys - source Okendo)

If you want to know what your customers think of various aspects, the app will help you create corresponding surveys. Or you can create quizzes for your customers to participate in. This way,  you make your relations agile and see what people think of specific questions at the same time.

Highlight Features:

  • Automated review request email
  • Attributes rating
  • Media galleries
  • Video/photo reviews

8. Powerful Contact Form Builder 

When talking about the best customer support apps for Shopify, we need to mention the Powerful Contact Form Builder app.

Contact forms are a crucial communication channel that passes customer's requests over for your further consideration. Thus, these forms must be clear and easy to manage.

Customizable contact forms

(Fully customizable contact forms - source Powerful Contact Form Builder)

Thanks to this app, you can build various store forms from scratch. The biggest advantage is that you don't have to apply coding. You go through the creation process right in the admin panel. The app gives you a multitude of tools to create a perfect form for a specific cause.

Highlight Features:

  • Unlimited forms in the Premium and Pro plans
  • Conditional logic
  • File upload
  • Zapier, Google Sheets, Calendar integration

9. HelpCenter | FAQ Page Builder

The HelpCenter app is another multifaceted solution for us to consider. It effectively covers many aspects at once, giving you a chance to operate chatbots and live chats, as well as create advanced FAQ pages.

Creating unlimited FAQs

(Unlimited FAQs creation - source HelpCenter | FAQ Page Builder)

The prebuilt templates are there to save you time when creating FAQs. Besides, the app allows you to handle multiple communication channels in one place, create self-service widgets, as well as translate FAQs for a global audience.

It's a great way to keep customer support in check and help clients promptly.

Highlight Features:

  • Unlimited FAQs in Basic, Standard, and Advanced plans
  • Self-service widget
  • Chatbot/live chat
  • FAQ translation

10. Recharge Subscriptions

Retaining your customers is quite a task. Your efforts can be optimized greatly with the Recharge Subscriptions app, though. Among other things, it allows you to offer discounts based on customers' subscriptions and unifies the checkout.

Templated flows configuration

(Activation of the Surprise&Delight flows - source Recharge Subscriptions)

To give your customers a hand, you can let them create bundles and buy the exact products they need. Besides, you can provide bonuses, cashback, and gifts to encourage your customers to stay with you. You also have the analytics dashboard to check what tactics bring the best results.

Highlight Features:

  • Customer portal
  • Recurring billing engine
  • Bundles/gifting
  • Payment processing

11. ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges

Returns are not desirable but yet unavoidable. Thus, if you can make them smooth and customer-friendly, you not only appear as a reliable brand. You also increase the chance of people getting back to you in the future.

The ReturnGO app assists you greatly in this aspect.

Automated returns functionality

(Setting the conditions for auto-returns - source ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges)

It allows you to make a huge step forward with the auto-refund and auto-return functionality. This facilitates the self-service greatly. Yet, to set some restrictions, you can create your custom refund policy to make the process clear and transparent.

You can also track the returns to analyze causes and determine the ways of reducing them.

Highlight Features:

  • Full returns solution
  • Auto-approval
  • Unlimited policy rules
  • Product exchange

12. SimpleCall — Click to Call

The next option on our list of the best Shopify customer support apps is SimpleCall. This app is a perfect solution for companies that provide customer support via the phone and want to leverage their efforts.

Call icon customization

(Setting up the Call Now button - source SimpleCall — Click to Call)

SimpleCall gives plenty of options for icon customization. You choose what pages to display it on and what colors/fonts to apply to it.

Moreover, the configuration doesn't require any coding. So, even if you're a non-technical person, you'll cope with the task easily.

Highlight Features:

  • Two click-to-call button layouts
  • Fully customizable colors, text, size, etc.
  • Display limitations for the specific pages

13. HelpLab FAQ Page, Product FAQs

Last but not least, we've got the HelpLab FAQ Page, Product FAQs app. It allows you to create FAQ pages so that customers don't need to wait for an answer from the support team. Instead, they just check the info you prepared for them.

Device responsive faq pages

(Device responsive FAQ pages - source HelpLab FAQ Page, Product FAQs)

This app gives all the necessary tools to create the personalized FAQs. You can customize them as much as needed to match the style of your theme. Besides, this solution supports rich snippets, so the FAQ pages you create will also be SEO-optimized.

Finally, you have the multilanguage support here, but only in the Professional plan.

Highlight Features:

  • Unlimited FAQs in the Professional plan
  • Unlimited customization 
  • Import, Export FAQs
  • Google SEO snippets

So, here we are! In the list above we've tried to cover various aspects of the customer experience realm. From tools for logging in to your customer accounts to creating comprehensive FAQs, you have plenty of options to provide high-quality support.

It's now up to you what option to select. So, make sure you choose wisely.