How to Set Up Advanced Inventory in Magento 2?

Magento 2 offers you outstanding features for stock management. Except for the global Magento stock options, you can also benefit from the advanced settings.

Thanks to the Magento advanced inventory, you can track quantities of multiple products and manage inventory more efficiently on a per-product basis. 

Depending on your requirements, there are two ways to configure advanced inventory in Magento 2. You can either exclude stock management (short form) or include stock management (long form). The difference is in the number of options you can configure for an individual product.

In this article, you will learn how to configure Magento 2 advanced inventory using both of these methods. 

To configure Advanced Inventory in Magento, go to Catalog > Products, choose a product you would like to set up advanced inventory for and press a corresponding button under Quantity.

Magento product options

Exclude Stock Management

1. Set the Manage Stocks field to No.

2. Complete the Minimum Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart.

3. Specify the Maximum Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart.

4. Choose whether you want to Enable Quantity Increments.

5. Add the number of Quantity Increments, if you selected Yes in the previous field. 

6. Once you complete all the fields, don't forget to press the Done button and save the product.

Magento adanced inventory options

Include Stock Management 

If you choose to Manage Stocks, you'll see a longer list of the available functions. 

1. Set the Qty of the product.

2. Fill in the Out-of-Stock Threshold field. It will trigger the out-of-stock notifications if you configure them.

3. Add the Minimum Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart.

4. Complete the Maximum Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart

Advanced Inventory with Stock Management Magento

5. In the Qty Uses Decimals field, choose Yes if you want to allow adding quantity values using decimals, which is a good thing for measurement or weights (e.g. 4.26 lb), or No if you want to use only whole numbers for quantity values. 

6. Select whether you want to Allow Multiple Boxes for Shipping

7. Move to the Backorders field, which allows your customers to place orders even if an item is out of stock. Here you have three options to choose from, to be exact:

  • No Backorders — backorders aren't allowed.
  • Allow Qty Below 0 — backorders are allowed if the quantity of the item becomes 0. 
  • Allow Qty Below 0 and Notify Customer — backorders become available when the quantity of an item is 0 and you'll also notify customers about the possibility to make backorders. 

8. Specify the threshold that should trigger the Notify for Qty Below notification.

9. Set Enable Qty Increments either to Yes or No.

10. Fill in Qty Increments, if you enabled it in the previous field. 

11. Set the Stock Status.

12. Press the Done button to save your configuration. 

Advanced inventory options Magento

And that's it for the configuration of the short and long form of the Magento advanced inventory. Just a few steps are required for a better inventory management environment.  

Note: you can enable the Use Config Settings boxes and the system will complete all the fields with the default values. 

So, now you know how to set up advanced inventory in Magento 2. With the Magento 2 advanced inventory, you can successfully organize inventory management in your store, improve sales and provide a better customer experience. 

But don't forget that to avoid out-of-stock situations you should monitor your inventory availability with the low stock email notifications.