How to Translate Blog Posts in Shopify?

If you manage a multi-language Shopify store and manage a blog, you need to translate your content pages too. Not only does it provide a better customer experience, but makes your blog appear in localized search results.

So, today you'll learn how to translate blog posts in Shopify with the Magefan Blog App for Shopify  in just a few clicks. 

To translate Shopify blog posts:

1. Navigate to App > Magefan Blog > Posts and find a blog post you'd like to translate.

Shopify Blog Posts

2. Click on the Localize button at the top right menu to start translating your Shopify blog post.

Translate shopify blog posts

3. Choose a Language you'd like to translate a post to. 

shopify store views

You'll see the translation panel with all the content you can translate into a selected language. On the right, you'll have the original post for reference. 

4. Translate blog post Title, Content and Short Content

translate blog posts shopify

5. Translate the Shopify blog post URL and Metadata

translate shopify blog metadata

Don't forget to Save the blog post once you finish and check it on the frontend.

traslated blog posts magento 2

Each of the blog posts you translate to a different language will have a unique canonical tag. Correspondingly it will be pulled out in search, which is good for your Shopify blog SEO.

However, don't forget that blog posts are not the only pages you need to localize in your blog. So the next step is to translate Shopify blog categories.