How to Enable Social Sharing Buttons in Shopify Blog?

If you're looking for easy and no-extra-cost way to drive more people to your blog you need social sharing. To enable social sharing buttons in Shopify blog means getting exposed to new audiences and offer a great experience.

Your blog readers can share your blog posts on social media and increase your blog visibility, without any effort from you. You just need Magefan Shopify Blog to enable this option. 

The process literally takes seconds.

To enable social sharing buttons in Shopify Blog: 

  1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and find the Social Settings section. 
  2. Enable the Social Share Link option.

Social Sharing Shopify Blog

Don't forget to Save the settings and go to any of your articles to check the social share. You can find the social sharing buttons at the bottom of the page.

Social Sharing Buttons Shopify Blog

Social share is the best free marketing idea since people who already like your blog will drive even more people to it.

However, you also need to configure your blog, so it is attractive and engaging enough to keep those new readers.