Import Blog Posts from Default Shopify Blog

Although the default Shopify blog offers you some features to manage a blog, they really come down to creating posts. This is one of the many reasons why you might start to look for a blog app that offers you more flexibility.

So, once you make up your mind and choose the right app for you, your need to move all your posts to a new app.

Our Shopify Blog App allows you to export and import blog posts from the default Shopify blog to our app in a few clicks. Let's get right to it.

To import posts from the default Shopify Blog: 

1. Navigate to  Apps > Magefan Blog > Imports and choose the Import from Shopify option.

Import from Shopify default Blog

2. Wait for the import to finish.

Import data from Shopify default Blog

3. View your blog post in a Magefan Blog posts dashboard.

successful import from shopify default blog

In case you want to import only some specific blog posts, navigate to Sales channels > Online Store > Blog posts and find a post you'd like to move to the Magefan blog. 

Then choose the Export to Magefan Blog Blog option from the More actions dropdown. 

export posts from default shopify blog to magefan

You'll be redirected to the Magefan blog posts grid right after you click a button.

Wasn't that hard was it? Depending on the number of posts you have, it can take different amounts of time to import posts from the default Shopify blog.

However, in the end, all your posts should be successfully imported. The only thing left is to check the blog settings to set up an attractive and engaging blog with more features at your disposal. 

In case you want to import posts from some other platform, you can import blog posts to Shopify via CSV.