Import Blog Posts to Magento via CSV

A blog is a valuable tool for enhancing customer engagement in your store. It establishes you as an expert in a specific area, and makes you a reliable source of information.

The blogging trends and instruments constantly change. Thus you might need to migrate your blog posts to a different vendor or platform. You can do it in a multitude of ways using the Magento 2 Blog extension. The CSV import comes in handy most frequently, though.

So, in this guide, you'll learn how to import blog posts to Magento via CSV. 

Note: the CSV import is available only in the Blog Extra edition.

To import blog posts to Magento 2 Blog via CSV:

1. Go to Content > Blog > Import > Import from CSV/XML File.

Magefan blog import tools

2. Upload the file you want to import.

3. Specify what Store View to migrate the blog posts to and press the Next button.

Import blog posts via csv

4. Associate the Columns to make sure you import the correct info since the columns in your CSV file might not coincide with those in our extension.

Associating columns during csv import

5. Press the Next button to initiate the import.

Note: to display the images from your old blog properly, make sure to copy the image files to the pub/media/magefan_blog directory.

That would be about it. The import of blog posts to Magento via CSV is not that complicated, is it? Yet, this is still not it. Once the import is sorted out, you need to learn how to manage Magento 2 Blog.