Manage Refunds in Magento POS

Regardless of the reason why customers want to return a product, you need to be ready to satisfy that request. Magento is very straightforward with refunds, and so is our Magento POS System

You obviously won't go to the Magento admin panel to create a refund. You can do it directly in the POS frontend. The process is completely the same as in the Magento admin panel. You just do it on the POS frontend.

To create refunds in Magento POS:

1. Navigate to Sales on the POS frontend left flyout menu.

Manage POS sales magento

2. Choose the order you want to create a credit memo for and press the Credit Memo button.

Create credit memo magento pos

3. Check the order information if necessary and press the Refund Online button. 

create credit memo magento 2 pos

And that's how you create refunds in Magento POS. The refunded items are automatically returned to stock. 

create credit memo in magento pos

Additionally, you can view all refunded items in the Credit Memos panel or check POS Z and X reports.

Magento POS refunds

However, refunds are just one thing you need to manage in POS. So check out our guide on how to manage POS on frontend to learn how to add discounts, hold shopping carts and check products in various warehouses.