How to Import Translations to Magento 2?

If you want to target a wider audience and reach new markets first thing you have to pay attention to is translations. Offering content in different languages allows you to create a multi-language store with a great customer experience.  

However, translating Magento is not that easy. You can either use the default Translate Inline Tool and translate Magento in-house or resort to any other translation solution. 

If you go for the latter, you will have to import translations to Magento once you have the translation pack import file. For that, you'll need the Magento 2 Translation Extension.

To import translations to Magento: 

1. Navigate to System > Data Transfer > Import and select Magefan Translation as the Entity Type. You can also download a sample file on this step to see how it should be organized for a successful import.

Import Translations to Magento 2

2. Select the Import Behaviour

3. Choose the Validation Strategy and define the Allowed Error Count

4. Set the Field Separator, Multiple value separator, and Empty attribute value constant

5. If you want to enclose any special characters that might be found in the data as an Escape Sequence, select the corresponding checkbox.

Magento Translation Import

6. Select the File to Import.

Note: Images File Directory could be omitted since we are importing translations to Magento, not products.

Import Translation Pack File Magento

7. Once all of the translation import fields are filled out, check data, and press the Import button.

Import Magento Translation

Then you'll be notified about the translation import being successfully run. To check the translations go to the System > Translations > Add/Edit.

Magento Translations

In case you think some translations are missing in the translation import file, Magento 2 Translation Plus allows you to find what else needs to be translated in the System > Translations > Search and Translate

Search Translations in Magento 2

Magento 2 Translation Extension helps you translate Magento files and pages faster so you can deliver better content for your multi-language store customers. Explore the other benefits of the module in the configuration guide.