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Reviews about Magento 2 Translation Extension

  1. Efficient tool, the tool bring agility in multilanguage environment
    We are using the module for few weeks and already enjoy it. We are saving a lot of time to manage translation on Magento platform in several languages. Support is very responsive in case of issue, we do recommend this tool !

    Review by William Boulet

    Posted on

  2. Good extension
    The Magento 2 Translation extension is quite good, but it has some minor bugs. The websites with many store views will have to customize the layout of the extension.

    Review by Loris G.

    Posted on

  3. Great Extension
    The extension works great.

    It would be good if the extension would translate half of the phrase.

    Review by Jovan Ninkovic

    Posted on

  4. Very good
    Very good

    Review by Tony Wei

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  5. Translations have become extremely easy
    I purchased this module being a little skeptical, but after installation I found that it is extremely useful. The automatic search function for the words that require translation does not identify all the words (most likely not because of this module but because of those who made the other modules), but very easily you can manually add the words to be translated.
    Until I identified this module, I was working according to the classic method, with a csv file that seemed extremely cumbersome to me. Now everything seems extremely easy and simple to me.

    Review by Vali G

    Posted on

  6. Does not work for CLOUD
    Don't get it for CLOUD, you pay 3X the price and the extension basically does not work. So far Support has been totally inefficient to provide a solution and they even asked for SSH accecss to connect to Cloud. Funny, since the cloud is managed by Adobe there are no "keys" to provide.

    Magefan's reply:

    We understand your concerns. However, the cloud actually does have SSH, you can find it in your Cloud panel. Of course, it doesn't allow editing files directly but it gives us an opportunity to investigate the issue. We've asked for SSH since, unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this issue on our Magento cloud environment, as this issue may be related to a conflict with a third-party or custom theme on your instance.

    Regarding the price of the module, the price for the Cloud version is higher because of the specifics of the Cloud environment (the Translation extension includes Cloud-specific code) and providing support for the Cloud environment.

    We have contacted you for resolving this issue and hope we could create a fix as soon as the requested data is provided to us.

    Review by francesc W4C

    Posted on

  7. Very Good
    Absolutely brilliant, solved a translation problem I was having in minutes, and much quicker and easier than doing it the Magento way.

    Review by Stuart D

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  8. Essential for non english speaking users
    This extension is perfect for those of us who do not have English as our mother tongue and need to translate the platform into other languages.

    Review by Silvia Suria Torres

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  9. Magento 2 translation extension a very useful tool.
    I found the Magento 2 translation extension a very useful tool. It's easy to install, easy to use, the translation are well-organized and it works out of the box. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who needs to manage translation in magento 2.

    Review by Karin Bo

    Posted on

  10. Nice Service!
    Nice Service!

    Review by Vinod Bisht

    Posted on

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