Managing products and updating their attributes has never been so quick and easy as with the Magento 2 Extended Product Grid — an extension that helps you to edit product information directly from the grid.

With this module, you do not have to go from one product page to another endlessly, changing the price, quantity, attribute sets, SKU, etc.

Why do you benefit from Extended Product Grid? See for yourself.

Following steps to configure Magento 2 Extended Product Grid:

1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Product Grid Inline Editor and Enable the extension.

Enable Magento 2 Product Gri Inline Editor

Magento 2 Enhanced Product Grid has a lot of features. So let's see what it enables you to do in the product grid.

2. Navigate to Catalog > Products to start updating product attributes.

3. Click on the Product to see the editing form appear. Change the attribute value press Save.

Update Product Attributes in Grid in Magento 2

4. Tick multiple Products to update product attributes in bulk. Set the value in a corresponding field and press Apply > Save Edits.

Update Product Attributes in Bulk Magento 2

In case you want to add some columns or just change some category product attributes in bulk you can use Product Grid Filter.

Magento 2 Product Grid Columns Filter

5. Use Product Category Filter to sort products by category and then change their attributes in bulk.

Filter Products by Category in Magento 2

6. Change Product Attribute Set in Bulk.

Change Product Attribute Set Massively in Magento 2

7. Organize product grid columns by Drag and Dropping to make the grid more convenient to use.

Drag and Drop Columns in Magento 2 Products Grid

8. Create Product Grid Templates to improve product management even more.

Magento 2 Product Grid Templates Saving

Magento 2 Extended Product Grid is really a time saver. Editing product information has never been so quick and easy.

You can update product attributes individually or in bulk. Besides, you can organize the product grid in the most convenient way and update products even faster.

So what are you waiting for? Check Enhanced Product Grid on our live demo.