How to Exclude Magento Products from Google Shopping Feed?

Whenever you decide to extend your potential and expose your products to a wider audience product feed will come in handy. And since Google Shopping is one of the most popular distribution channels, Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed extension might draw your attention too. 

It helps you to set up Google Shopping feed and keep product data up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive. 

However, you obviously don't have to include all of the products in the product feed. In this case, you need to learn how to exclude products from the product feed in Magento.

To exclude products from Google shopping feed: 

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products and find a product or products you want to exclude from the product feed. 

Note: if you can edit product attributes in bulk you'll be able to exclude multiple products from the feed at once.

2. Scroll down to the Google Shopping Feed section and set Yes for the Exclude From Google Shopping Feed option. 

Here's where you can also set a product for a specific Google Shopping Category.

Exclude Products from Product Feed Magento

Don't forget to Save Config, regenerate the feed and check if the excluded products are removed from the Google shopping feed.  

The same options work for categories too. So you can exclude entire categories from the feed which makes feed management more flexible. 

Finally, submit your product feed to Google Merchant Center if you haven't already and promote your products through one of the most popular channels.