How to Set up Email Refer a Friend in Magento 2?

Magento 2 is a very flexible eCommerce platform that provides multiple advantages for your business. It's hard to underestimate the importance of increasing your website traffic and making it more customer friendly. Magento suggests a great way to do so by using the Email Refer to a Friend function.

But what is it and how can you configure it? In this article, we'll cover all these questions and clear up all tricky moments. 

What is Email Refer a Friend in Magento 2?

Email Refer a Friend is a Magento 2 feature that allows customers to share a link to a specific product with their friends. It is an effective marketing strategy, that helps to evoke interest in the items you sell and in your store in general. 

The Email Refer a Friend link appears on the product page together with the envelope icon. After pressing it customers are redirected to the Email to a Friend page, where they can share a link to a selected product. 

How to Set up Email Refer a Friend in Magento 2

Now, let's find out how to set up Email Refer a Friend in Magento 2.  

How to Set up Email Refer a Friend in Magento 2?

1. Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Email to a Friend and Enable the feature.

2. Complete the following fields:

  • Select the Email Template to be sent while sharing the product link.
  • Choose whether you want this function to be available for unregistered customers in the Allow for Guest field.
  • Set the number of Maximum Recipients of the following email. 
  • Specify the number of Maximum Products Sent in 1 Hour
  • Choose if you want to Limit Sending by IP Address or by Cookie

3. Press the Save Config button. 

Email Refer a Friend Configuration

And there you go! These are all the steps you have to take to set up Email Refer a Friend in Magento. 

Now we can go on and test how the Email Refer a Friend functionality works. 

How to Send Email Refer a Friend in Magento? 

To send the Email Refer a Friend, go to the product page of the item you want to share and press on the envelope icon.

Magento 2 Email to a Friend

Then you'll be redirected to the Email to a Friend page, where you have to fill in the required information:

  • Add the sender's Name and Email.
  • Complete the Message that will be displayed in your email. 
  • Fill in the invitee's Name and Email.
  • Press the Add Invitee button, if you want to send this email to multiple people at the same time. 
  • Press the Send Email button. 

How to Send Email to a Friend

Note: If a customer is registered in your store, the sender's Email and Name fields will be filled in automatically. 

As you can see, setting up and sending Refer a Friend emails is super easy. You just have to use this feature to engage new customers and promote your store. Configure it once and you won't regret it!