dynamic pages

Dynamic Blocks and Pages are a great contribution to your marketing strategy. They allow you to display or hide certain CMS blocks and pages from different customer groups. But these are not the only restrictions. 

Today we'll focus on pages. You'll learn how to enable dynamic CMS pages in Magento and display them under different conditions. 

1. Create CMS Page

It's important to note that dynamic pages are not created automatically. They just define how, when and under what conditions to display a page. So start with creating a CMS page. Then find the Display Conditions and Display Rules sections.

2. Create Conditions

You may have various pages on your store, with different information aimed at different customers. However, you may also need to display them under different conditions. 

Based on cart attributes

Use cart attributes, like subtotal, shipping country etc, to define whether certain customers can access a page.

e.g. Encourage customers whose subtotal is more than $1000 to become premium members.

magento cms page display conditions

Based on product attributes

The same works for product attributes. You can make a page accessible depending on the product people are browsing. 

e.g. Include a link to the special promotions page for people who browse products that are on sale or sale category.

display cms pages in magento under conditions

3. Fill out Display Settings

Except for conditions you also need to make sure dynamic pages are visible for the right people at the right time.

Customer group

Customer segmentation helps you to provide personalized discounts, show unique content blocks, blog posts and certainly pages to different customers.

e.g. You might want to share some information with wholesalers only on a separate CMS page. 

magento 2 customer group restrictions


To make sure your page is visible for certain customers at the right time, specify the Date From/To, Days of the Week and Time From/To.

magento dynamic blocks date

Display another page

Finally, if you don't want customers to stumble upon a 404 page, just because it's not visible for them, Display Another Page instead. People will be redirected to another page if trying to access one that's not available for them.

display another page

Don't forget to hit Save once you finish setting up the dynamic CMS pages.

Showing personalized content makes you stand out from the competitors and allows you to maximize your marketing efforts. Just learn how to use it effectively. And don't forget that the same works for dynamic CMS blocks.