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Reviews about Magento 2 CMS Display Rules Extension

  1. Thank you so much
    It is very refreshing to work with a company that responds so quickly and goes beyond the customers' expectations!

    Review by Patrice Malenke

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  2. Excellent
    I can't but appreciate the block scheduling feature. It made enabling and disabling all banners so much easier for us. Recommend

    Review by A. Fleming

    Posted on

  3. Great extension and support
    I found this extension a few weeks ago and thought it might enable us to show a block based on some condition of the purchased products. The developers have integrated this feature now and helped us to install the extension. It works perfect and we really appreciate the support.

    Review by Jens L.

    Posted on

  4. Magento 2 CMS Display Rules Extension
    The module is very easy to implement and doesn't cause any errors in other modules or extensions. It does what it promises, which is amazing.

    Review by Daniela Buehrig

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  5. Must-Have Extension
    CMS display rules are a must-have for any Magento 2 installation. Being able to display content blocks and cart messages based on attributes and conditions gives the merchant granular control over messaging to the customer and is vital in ecommerce. It allows back end control of content display that might otherwise require custom development. Get this extension now.

    Review by Bob Campos

    Posted on

  6. Great Extension!
    if you are looking for a different and functional extension then you are at the right place. A good module that easily extends the functionality. Thank you Magefan Team!

    Review by K. Erc

    Posted on

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