How to Translate Products in Magento 2?

Translation of the product information on your Magento 2 store allows you to reach a wider audience and offer a better experience for customers from around the world. Moreover, you can't avoid the translation of the Magento 2 products if you want to create a multi-language store.

Default Magento allows you to translate product pages without creating a new item. Easy enough, isn't it? Wait till you hear about the other method of translating products in Magento.

Default Magento Product Translation

To translate a product in Magento 2 you just need to take a few steps.

1. Go to Catalog > Products and choose a product you want to translate from the product grid.

2. Choose the store view you want to translate product info for and start making translations.

Note: in case you don't see the store view you would like to translate the product for in the store view switcher, scroll down to the Product in Websites section and make sure the product is assigned to the website this store view belongs to.

Magento 2 store view change

All fields available for translation will be marked with the Use Default Value label. The values we're interested in for translation are Name, Description, Search Engine Optimization and other options visible on the frontend.

Translate Magento Products via Popup

The downside of the Magento default product translation is that you have to go to each store view. This doesn't seem a problem with one or two store views. However, when you have multiple of them product translation becomes tiresome.

That's where Magento 2 Translation extension makes a difference.

It allows you to translate products in Magento without switching a store view. You can do it all within one page.

With the Translation extension, you have the Translate option under each field you can translate.

Translate Product Magento

Pressing Translate you can see a particular field from all store views and translate it accordingly without leaving a page.

Magento product translation

It also works if you want to edit product attributes across all store views at once.

Edit product atributes Magento

However, you can go even further and translate and edit product values for all store views within a form.

Translate product page Magento 2

Just remove the default values and set unique ones per each store view.

Translate and edit product attributes Magento

Note: that these settings are available in the Translation Plus plan along with other options.

Don't forget to Save a product, regardless of the way you used to translate it and check how your translations are reflected on the frontend.

Magento 2 french product description

In case you want product pages to be translated completely you also need to check how to translate product attributes and their options. The Translation extension will cover the labels.