In order to configure Magento 2 Alternate Hreflang Extension navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Alternate Hreflang.

Magento 2 alternate hreflangs section


1. Enable or Disable the extension.

2. Enter the Product Key which you will be able to find in your Magefan account after purchasing the module.

3. Choose the pages you want the Hreflang Tags to be enabled on.

Alternate hreflang general configuration

Locale Options

1. In case you have a website with several store views in languages which have different region variants (e.g. American English, British English, Australian English, French in France and French in Canada) you need to enable the Locale Depends On Region option in order to assign a certain store view to the region. 

 2. In case you manage several websites, each of which has multiple store views and don't want the alternate tags from each website to be shown on the others set the Locale Group you want the website to restricted to. If you just have one website, set the Local Group to the Default Group 1.

Alternate hreflangs locale options

Once all the settings have been set don't forget to press the Save Config button.

Alternate hreflangs configuration webpconverted save