How to Translate Categories in Magento 2?

When you're building a multi-language Magento 2 store, the first thing to ensure is that your catalogue is user-friendly. That's why, except for translating products, you need to translate categories in Magento.

Same as products, you don't have to create a new category to translate it. In this guide, we'll show you how to translate categories in two different ways.

Default Magento Category Translation

To translate Magento 2 categories in default Magento you just need a few steps.

1. Navigate to Catalog > Categories and change the store view to the one you want to translate the category for.

Magento 2 store view categories

2. Choose the category you want to translate and translate product category fields.

Every category attribute in different store views is set by default. Remove the checkmark and set your own value of this or that attribute. You will be able to translate the name of the category, content, and metadata.

Magento 2 translated category name

Default Magento category translation will require you to go to each store view to translate a category. If you're looking for a faster way, keep reading.

Translate Magento Category via Popup

Magento 2 Translation extension will give you a little boost over the default Magento functionality. It allows you to translate categories in Magento without switching the store view. Here's how it works.

There is the Translate button under each field you can translate.

Translate Product Category Magento 2

Once you click on it, a translation popup appears and you can see a particular field from all store views. All you need to do is to remove the default store value and translate it. 

Category name translation in Magento

The best part? This option also allows you to edit category attributes across all store views at once.

Edit category attributes in Magento 2

Besides, if you want to translate and edit all values in one go, press the Translate button at the top menu left corner. 

Translate Category Magento 2

It opens a separate form with all options available for translation and editing.

Translate category Magento

Whether you translate each value separately or all at once, don't forget to Save the category and go check how the changes are reflected on the frontend. 

Note that the following feature is available in the Translation Plus plan, along with other features like auto-search of text for translation within your Magento.