In order to translate the Magento CMS Page follow the steps:

1. Navigate to Content > Elements > Pages. Note: that the translation of the page requires manual creation of a new one so decide which page you want to translate.

2. Press the Add New Page to start.

Magento 2 CMS pages

3. Enable the page and set its Title.

4. Enter the Heading of the Content and Content.

Magento 2 CMS page about us in English


Magento 2 CMS page  translation to French


5. Set the URL Key in the Serch Engine Optimization field in order to let the search engine know the route to the Magento CMS page.

Magento 2 CMS page search engine optimization

magento 2 new cms page search engine optimization

6. Choose which store view to post the new CMS page on in the Page in Websites section.

Magento 2 cms page in websites english


Magento 2 cms page in website french

 Once you've filled in all the necessary information don't forget to press the Save Page button and go to the storefront to check out the newly created Magento 2 CMS page.

Magento 2 cms page on the storefront

Magento 2 translated cms page on the storefront

After you've successfully translated the Magento 2 CMS page you may be directed to the 404 Page while trying to switch one storefront to another.

Magento 2 404 Page

That usually happens because of the absence of the alternate hreflang tags on each of those pages to direct the readers to the other. In case you want two or more Magento 2 CMS pages in different languages to be interconnected you can install the Magento 2 Alternate Hreflang extension.

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