If you're an owner of a multi-language store, you know many benefits it offers. Yet, it also requires persistent work. One of the aspects that requires your undivided attention is Magento translation.

Except for products and categories, you also need to translate CMS pages in Magento (this includes the homepage). And it is exactly what you'll learn today.

To translate Magento CMS pages:

1. Navigate to Content > Elements > Pages and choose the CMS page you want to translate.

Note: to translate CMS page in Magento you need to create a new page manually. Thus you can press the Add New Page button and add the translated content from scratch. Alternatively, you can go to the page, Duplicate it and translate the copy.

2. Enable the page and translate a Title.

4. Add the Content Heading and translate the Content of your CMS page.

Magento 2 CMS page  translation to French

5. Scroll down to the Search Engine Optimization section and enter the relevant metadata.

magento 2 new cms page search engine optimization


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6. Choose the corresponding Store View for the translated CMS page in the Page in Websites section.

Magento 2 cms page in website french

7. Don't forget to press the Save Page button once you've filled in all the necessary information. Then check the translated Magento 2 CMS page on the storefront.

Pro tip: we recommend adding hreflang tags to your CMS pages. By doing so, you indicate that you have certain pages in different languages. Thus, search engines can rank each of them separately.

Adding hreflang tags to CMS pages

These are all the steps you need to take to translate Magento 2 CMS pages. Magento localization is not hard, but you'll need to put in some work. So, once you cover the CMS pages, go on and translate your CMS blocks