Do you hate to see when your Magento 2 store is broken or is in maintenance mode while running Magento 2 deployment commands? Yes? That's great. In the next 5 minutes, we'll help you with this pain. At Magefan we've created a Linux bash script that allows you to run bin/magento setup commands without braking store, long downtime, and losing sales.

Attention! This script is deprecated, we strongly recommend to use Magento 2 Zero Downtime Deployment Extension.

To use Magento 2 zero downtime deployment please follow the steps bellow:

1. Install Magento 2 zero-downtime deployment script

Run these CLI commands in the Magento root directory:

wget -O
rm -f
mv magento2-zero-downtime-deploy-master/ deploy
cp deploy/app/ deploy/app/
cp app/etc/env.php deploy/app/env.php
echo $'\n'deploy/app/env.php >> .gitignore chmod +x deploy/run

2. Configure zero-downtime script

If you use specific static-content deploy commands then edit the file


By default, it has commands to deploy all Magento 2 themes in en_US locale.

If you use Redis or other non-folder storage for session or cache, then edit the file


Make sure that the cache and session are stored in a folder.

3. Use M2 zero-downtime deploy script

To deploy Magento static content (bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy) with NO downtime, use the CLI command:

deploy/run -s

To generated code and dependency injection configuration (bin/magento setup:di:compile) with NO downtime, use the CLI command:

deploy/run -d

You can also run the script with multiple parameters, e.g:

deploy/run -d -s

To update Magento 2 modules database data and schema (bin/magento setup:upgrade), use the CLI command:


If you install new extensions then run this command:

deploy/run -m Vendor_Module1 Vendor_Module2

Note that these commands will also run DI and static content generation and this is the only command that put Magento 2 store into maintenance mode for a few seconds while setup:upgrade is running.


Does it really work?

- Yes, it does. We already use it at and in a few clients stores to deploy new design and business logic changes. We're happy to share it with you and get feedback.