Magento 2 Dynamic Product Attributes in Magefan Extensions

Product attributes in Magento help you organise products in categories, enable catalogue price rules and do a lot of other things. Magento 2 dynamic attributes, on the other hand, are generated to help you display products dynamically in different places of your store.

We use them in two of our Magento 2 extensions. So today we get into more details about these attributes, starting with the definition. 

What are Magefan Dynamic Attributes?

Magento Dynamic Product Attributes by Magefan is a set of attributes used in Magento 2 Dynamic Category and Magento 2 Automatic Related Products. They are based on product attributes and Magento orders and are used to create dynamic categories and product rules. 

magento 2 dynamic attributes

Now let's see what attributes we work with.

  • Is on Sale — if a product has a special price, this dynamic attribute is enabled.
  • Is New — this attribute is enabled during the Set Product as New From/ To period.
  • Reviews count — is used from product reviews.
  • Reviews score — is used from product rating.
  • Best Sellers (QTY) Per Week/Month/Three Months/Year — is used from the sales (orders) data.

How to Use Magento 2 Dynamic Attributes?

These Magento 2 dynamic product attributes are created to simplify the process of setting up conditions for you. Depending on the extension you use, you can use dynamic attributes to create dynamic categories or related products/cross-sells/up-sell blocks. 

Discounted Products

The Is on Sale attribute obviously helps you to set up a category with the discounted products or display only products with a discount in the related products block. 

sale dynamic attribute

New Arrivals

You can use the Is New attribute to create a category for newly arrived products or add only new products to related products.

new dynamic attribute

Most-Rated Products

Create a category with the most rated products, using the Review rating and Score rating attributes. You can also use it to create auto-related product rules to display only highly rated products.

reviews and rating attribute

Best Sellers

Last but not least, you can use the Best Sellers attribute from different periods to set up a category with best sellers or use it for cross-sells.

best sellers

The best part is you don't have you use Magento 2 dynamic attributes alone. You can combine them with any other product attributes to create a diverse catalogue and optimize your product blocks.

Check out the user guide for Automatic Related Products and Dynamic Category to explore the options.