Add Magento 2 Related Products Block to Categories

There are many ways to make a store's catalogue more engaging. However, showing product recommendations is perhaps one of the most effective solutions. 

Related products on category pages can encourage your customers to explore and purchase more. This correspondingly leads to enhanced sales and conversions.

Magento doesn't allow this by default. So, today, you'll learn how to add Magento 2 related product blocks to categories using the Magento 2 Auto Related Products extension.

To add related product blocks to category pages in Magento:

1. Navigate to Marketing > Automatic Related Products > Rules and press the Add New Rule button.

2. Begin with the Rule Information section:

  • Enable the Rule and set its Name.
  • Enter the Description for your rule and specify the Priority.

Note: the priority defines what rule will be processed first if there are two or more rules applied to the same page.

Related products rule information

  • Choose the Customer Group and Store View where you want to add related products.
  • Specify how long the related products will be displayed on category pages in the Date From/Date To fields.

Create related products rule

3. Move to the Where/When to Display section and specify the Block Position and the Categories you want to add related products to.

Where to display Magento 2 related products block

Note: the Categories dropdown is available in the Plus plan of the extension. Alternatively, you can specify the categories using conditions.

When to display related products

4. Specify What To Display (Products To Display), using the conditions (based on product attributes).

What products to display in the block

5. Set the Display Modes by switching the corresponding options on.

Related products display modes

6. In the Display Settings section:

  • Enter the Title for the related products block.
  • Specify how to Sort the products By selecting the option you need from the dropdown.
  • Choose whether to Display the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Enter the Number of Products to Display.
  • Decide if you want to Display "Out Of Stock" Products.
  • Choose the Template for the related products block. You can choose to display it as compare products or bundle pack templates.

Display settings of the related products block

7. Save the rule, press the Apply Rules button and check your category page on the frontend.

Add related products block to categories

Setting up related product rules is a time-saver that allows you to run your campaigns more effectively. However, categories are just the beginning. You can also add related products to shopping cart to encourage impulsive purchases and provide a better customer experience.