Configure Shopify Blog Sitemap

XML sitemap is one of the most important SEO concepts that helps to get your pages crawled and indexed. Think of it as a roadmap for search robots who need to discover new "routes" (pages) while crawling your website.

As you might know, Shopify generates a sitemap.xml file with all the product images, pages and collections automatically. However, in our Shopify Blog App we have our custom blog XML sitemap and in this guide, you'll learn how to find and configure it. 

How to Find Shopify Blog Sitemap? 

Your blog sitemap will always be available via the following path:

Once you find your blog sitemap you will be able to submit it to Google and other search engines.

How to Configure Shopify Blog Sitemap?

Except for offering a custom blog XML sitemap, our app allows you to prioritize the indexing of blog pages and set how often to index them. 

Note: this feature is available in the Pro plan.

To configure blog XML sitemap in Shopify: 

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and scroll down to the XML Sitemap section. 

Shopify Blog Sitemap

2. Unfold the Blog Index Page tab and select enable to add this page to the blog sitemap. 

3. Set Blog Index Page Frequency and Priority

Shopify Blog Sitemap Configurations

Blog posts and categories settings are the same, so you just need to fill them out in the same way.

Once you Save the settings you can view your sitemap and check if all the links and directives are added correctly.

Blog XML Sitemap in Shopify

By default, all blog pages will be added to the blog sitemap. However, you can exclude pages from the blog sitemap on each blog page: posts, categories, and tags.