Import Joomla Blog to Magento 2 Blog

Joomla is a content management system with a user-friendly interface and plenty of customizable options. Its tools allow you to create a perfect website that will meet your needs and requirements. This platform is popular not only among big companies or businesses but it's also used by smaller ones such as nonprofit organizations. 

However many users find some difficulties in working with this system. For that very reason, you might consider Magento to cover most of your store needs. As you will be migrating your store data to Magento you'll need the Magento 2 Blog as well to migrate your Joomla blog. 

Note: import from Joomla Blog is available only in the Blog Extra edition. 

How to Import Blog from Joomla to Magento

To import the Joomla Blog to Magento 2 Blog, follow the steps described below: 

1. Go to Content > Blog > Import > Import from Joomla.

Import Blog from Joomla

2. Add the info to the following fields:

  • Enter the Database Name where your old blog is stored.
  • Specify the User Name.
  • Add the Password.
  • Fill in the name of your old blog's host in the Database Host field.
  • Specify the Table Prefix.
  • Select the Store View to which you would like to import your old blog. 

Import Joomla Blog to Magento 2 Blog

3. Press the Start Import button. 

Note: copy your old blog image files to the Magento pub/media/magefan_blog directory to import and display your blog images. 


You'll have to move your previous blog's database to the same server where your Magento database is stored to avoid issues while importing your blog. The issues might appear due to security reasons since databases are configured to accept requests only from the same server where they are requested.

So, these are all the steps you have to take to import the Joomla blog to our Magento 2 Blog. The whole process seems to be pretty simple, doesn't it? Yet, you should also learn how to configure Magento 2 Blog to explore all the functionality.