Our Magento 2 Blog Extension provides multiple import options for you to move your blog content from one blog extension or platform to Magento 2.

In this article, you will learn about WordPress.

Migrate WordPress Blog to Magento 2

Take the following steps to import WordPress blog to Magento 2:

  1. Set the Database Name where you run the WordPress Blog.
  2. Enter the User Name and Password.
  3. Specify the Database Host.
  4. Enter the Table Prefix.
  5. Choose the Store View you want WordPress Blog to be imported to.

Blog Import from WordPress

If you want to see the WordPress blog import to Magento 2 in action, check this short video:

Note: only the image links will be imported, so you have to move your WordPress blog images to Magento pub/media/magefan_blog folder for them to be displayed.


Due to security reasons, databases are configured to accept requests only from the same server as they are (localhost), and it blocks all requests from outside (another server). 

So, if you have issues migrating WordPress blog to Magento 2, you have to move your WordPress database to the same server your Magento database is located. The other option is to edit the WordPress database settings to enable access from other servers and change the database user permissions.

In case want us to import your WordPress blog to Magento 2, check our WordPress Blog Migration Service.